5 Best Convertible Infant Car Seat Cum Cot in India (2018)

Best infant car seats in India For Newborn and Toddlers

Parenthood is the most wonderful feeling in the world. Every person dreams of experiencing this phase, but it doesn’t come alone.. does it? Along come a variety of roles and responsibilities. Nurturing the little one is not just a child’s play. Parents strive to provide their children with the best of everything. Be it the clothes they wear, the school they go to, the food they eat or the products they use. No compromise can be made when it is comes to their bundle of joy. However, once the little one comes, parents do have to compromise with a lot of their wishes, the foremost being wanderlust.

As much as Baby Strollers are important, baby car seats are equally important for your loved (Read Best Baby Strollers in India)

Travelling with your little munchkin can be a cumbersome task, especially when you have to drive. Considering this fact, we have penned down the best infant car seats available in India. These seats are selected keeping in mind the safety and comfort of your little ones. Explore, buy and say goodbye to travelling apprehensions!

Ø  The ‘one for everyone’ seat!

1) Luvlap Baby Convertible Sports Car Seat


> This infant car seat can be used by children aged less than 3 years.

> For safety issues, this product is certified by ECER44/04.

> Available in a myriad of colours. (because why should adults have all the fun?)

Infants under the age of 15 months can make use of this seat in a rear facing position.

Children aged between 9 months to 3 years can use this seat in the front facing direction.

The backrest can be reclined into three positions. The positions can be adjusted based on the age and size of the child.

There are padded wings present on the sides of the seat. These wings give babies a comfortable feel, also securing them from getting hurt.

The product weighs about 4.44 kg.

The seat is washable, but requires some efforts.

This booster seat has five harness points for the safety of your child.


Luvlap Baby Convertible Sports Car Seat


  • The presence of 5 harness belts makes it a perfect choice.
  • Fits easily into any car.
  • The padded wings make it a sturdy seat.
  • It can be installed with no trouble.
  • The seat is of good quality.


  • It is not portable, as it can’t be converted into a cot.
  • Cleaning the seat is quite a hectic process.

Price starting from 4,956.00

Ø  The One for the Couch Potatoes!

2) Trumom (USA) Infant Baby Car Seat, Carry Cot and Rocker with Canopy


> This infant car seat is the best baby car seat in India. Don’t believe us? Check out the reviews on any leading e-commerce website of your choice!

> This infant seat comes with side safety technology.

> There are padded wings present for extra protection.

> It includes 5 harness points with one pull adjustment mechanism.

> Chest pads are also present in this seat in order to give the infant a soft and cosy feel.

> A soft touching section is there on the handle as well, so that the seat can be carried as a cot easily.

> The seat can bend into different positions; the infant car seat position, the carry cot position, the rocker position & feeding chair position.

> This infant seat weighs about 3.9 kg.

> It is for infants under the age of 9 months.


Trumom Infant Baby Car Seat


  • It is a portable seat as it can be converted into a cot.
  • The five harness points for safety makes it a reliable product.
  • The seat seems very comfortable with so many pads.


  • It can only be used by infants aged less than 9 months and not by toddlers.

Price starting from 2,999.00

Ø  ‘The safer, the better’ one!

3) R for Rabbit’s Picaboo – Infant Car Seat cum Carry Cot



> This infant car seat is certified by ECER44/04.

> This seat can be converted into a carry cot, making it efficiently portable.

> This product is light weighted and can be carried around easily, when used as a cot.

> The design of this seat is very unique yet attractive.

> This seat cum carry cot is available in different colours. Also, it is available in various designs based on children theme.

> This seat comes with side impact protection with soft padding done on the sides.

> It can be turned into different positions, converting it into different types of products including a rocker & a feeding chair.

> A canopy is present on this seat for better protection.

> The handle can be adjusted into 4 different positions.

> This infant car seat cum carry cot weighs about 3.59 kg.

> Infants aged up to 18 months can be accomodated in this seat.

> This seat is placed in the rear facing direction.


R for Rabbit's Picaboo - Infant Car Seat


  • It is much safer than other infant car seats.
  • It is handy and portable.
  • Its appearance is very stylish.
  • In case the canopy gets lost, it is easily available in the market.
  • It is a light weight seat.


  • Cleaning this seat will be quite difficult as it has many pads.
  • The seat is quite narrow.


Price starting from 3,150.00


Ø  The feature rich seat

4) Luvlap Premier Baby Car seat


> This infant car seat is ideal for children of group 1, group 2 and group 3.

> Padding is done on the sides and the head for better protection.

> There are five harness points present for the security of the infants.

> There are four options available to adjust the headrest position.

> A shoulder harness facility is available to grow according to the height of the infant.

> The seat is deep and wide to promote a comfortable feel to the infants.

> This infant car seat can be washed easily.

> The belt can be adjusted with a single pull option.

> The bottom and the back portion of the seat can be detached in order to store it anywhere.

> This infant car seat weighs around 7.51 kg.

> This product is available in four different colours.

> This infant car seat is labelled with ECER44/04.


Luvlap Premier Baby Car Seat


  • Easily fits in all the cars.
  • Wide and deeper seats, suitable for all kinds of infants.
  • Headrest adjusting options makes it an appropriate option.
  • The bottom and back detaching option makes it easy to store.
  • The presence of various pads makes it a safe and cosy option for the little ones.


  • Heavier than other infant car seats.
  • It is less portable.
  • It is quite costly when compared to other infant car seats.
  • The build quality of this infant car seat is just fine. Single foams are used while padding the sides and the head.
  • It cannot be converted into a cot.
  • High maintenance is required.


Price starting from 6,595.00

Ø  The Perfect Pick

5) R for Rabbit Jack N Jill Grand – The Innovative Convertible Car Seat for Baby/Kids


> This convertible infant car seat is available in two different colours.

> This seat can be used by children aged up to 7 years.

> This infant car seat weighs about 8 kg.

> It is certified as ECE R44/O4 by the European safety standards.

> This seat has the capacity to hold up to 18 kg of weight.

> The seat can be adjusted in a rear facing position or a front facing position based on the age and size of the child.

> There are three position reclines available. The positions can be set based on the age and size of the infant.

> This infant car seat looks attractive with a different yet sophisticated design.

> This seat can be fitted in almost all types of cars.

> Five harness points are present within the seat to keep the infant safe and secure.

> This baby car seat can be washed manually as well as in the washing machine.

> The seat is padded enough to give a comfortable feel to the infant.

> This infant car seat is 68.5 cms long in height and 43 cms wide.


R for Rabbit Jack N Jill Grand


  • Since it can be used for children up to 7 years, it is a perfect pick.
  • The capacity of holding weight is high.
  • The multiple recline positions available makes it a highly cosy seat.
  • Safety and security of the infant is preserved by the presence of the five harness points.
  • Easy to wash either in the machine or by hand. This feature is by far the most viable feature.
  • It is highly padded to keep the infant secure and relaxed.
  • The seats are broad enough to fit the infant with no trouble.
  • It is best suited for children of group 2.


  • This infant baby car seat is quite bulky.
  • Storing and managing it is quite difficult.
  • Installation of this infant seat in the car takes some sweat breaking efforts.
  • The cover clips of the seat may get damaged easily.
  • It is less portable.


Price starting from 3,150.00

Feel free to cross check our recommendations and make an informed decision because your baby is certainly worth it! Do let us know about your pick in the comments section. After all, your satisfaction is our topmost priority.


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