5 Best Vlogging Cameras in Budget Range for YouTube -(India 2018)

Looking for an affordable vlogging cameras in budget range that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket? Well, you are at the right place, for we have brought a detailed review of the 5 best budget vlogging cameras to settle your confusion for once and and for all!

In the internet driven 21st century, vlogging for YouTube or any other social media platform for that matter is very much in vogue. With their passion and knack for creating unique and attention grabbing videos, vloggers have not only managed to create a name of their own, but have also successfully charted out revenue models to make money out of their hobbies. This rapidly growing surge of social media vlogging has in turn inspired more and more young and creative individuals to enter this field.

Now, if you are one of these individuals and want to start a vlogging channel of your own, but are stuck on the most basic requirement of this job i.e. choosing the right budget camera to give wings to your dreams, then rest assured because we have got you covered!

Our detailed review of the 5 best vlogging cameras in a budget range will give you an insight into what to look for in a camera and will guide you towards an informed decision. The decision of buying the camera however, is yours to take entirely, depending on your specific needs as a vlogger. The basic thing that we are trying to encounter with this guide is the money constraint, which is the most fundamental problem faced by budding vloggers. This is the reason that we have in this post concentrated mostly on the affordable cameras available in the market for vlogging, which perform the best and capture the greatest shots in the lowest price range possible. So, without further ado, let’s get started with our list!

Here is the list of Best 5 Vlogging Cameras in India within a Budget Range:

1) Nikon D3400

DSLR(s) are always the first preference for all kinds of shoots. Nikon D3400 is an entry level DSLR with a crop sensor, which much to our surprise, offers a smaller and lighter kit than most of its more expensive and professional counterparts. However, it still can get cumbersome to carry, if you are a travel or action vlogger because DSLR(s) require elaborate set of lenses and they are also bulkier than your average point and shoot.


Here are some of it’s key benefits:

  • You can choose the lens according to your specific requirement
  • You can add different kinds of attachments, like the mic, flashgun etc.
  • It has a bigger sensor than most point and shoots
  • It is best for indoor shooting with a lighting rig and other basic arrangements

Therefore, it is clear that to some vloggers this machine can prove to be a winner because it would allow them to do a lot more, as far as the actual photography part is concerned with features, like manual focus and full HD shooting at 60p adding to its allure. Moreover, for a typical documentary maker or a video journalist, this is the best option in this price range, along with some of its other rivals, like the Canon Rebel. However, as vloggers shoot a more diverse range of subjects and that too in much more constraining situations, it may not necessarily be the best option. Although, the camera is a great performer, it has issues with mobility and might require heavy equipment and a greater degree of technical knowledge for operations.

2) Sony A6000

Sony, to be fair, has been nothing short of a revolutionary presence in the world of gadgets, a fact also true for the state of the art cameras the company has managed to create for the masses. As stated above, the problem with DSLR(s) is their bulky make up, which is not ideal for a vlogger more inclined towards adventure. To counter this issue, the most trendy and innovative mirrorless cameras have now come into the market!

These cameras are quite talked about in the vlogging scene nowadays because unlike the DSLR(s), they are compact and can easily fit in your pocket without in the least compromising with the picture quality, all thanks to their advanced lenses and new generation processors.

That’s not all! These cameras are also more convenient to use and require less technical knowledge about the photographic process. The mirrorless camera scene has been taken by storm by the Sony ‘alpha’ series of hybrid cameras. One such camera from the alpha range is the Sony A6000.

Not only Sony A6000 come at an affordable price, but it also provides some of the best features, like the replaceable lenses. Moreover, you can fit the kit in your pocket, if you want, which can be a boon for travel vloggers.!

The camera performs with equal finesse in indoor settings with its advanced auto focus features, new technology and a bigger sensor compared to a general point and shoot camera. In fact, you can use this camera with the electronic viewfinder while using the live screen, a feature available only in the hybrid cameras that come with an electronic translucent film in place of the conventional mirror in a DSLR.

Therefore, the key advantages of the Sony A6000 are:

  • Replaceable lenses
  • Smooth autofocus
  • Electronic view finder

However, if you are a vlogger who works mostly alone, then you would most probably not need the viewfinder. Another constraint faced with this camera is its unsuitability for action shoots that involve adventure sports, exposure to water etc., which brings us to our next camera.

3) GoPro Hero 5 Black

If you have an adventure sports, motorcycle or any other motor sports vlog, then what you need is an action camera. And as far as action cameras go, the GoPro Hero 5 Black is a hands down winner.

GoPro is almost synonymous with action cameras today, with the Hero 5 black being the best in their line. It has an amazing build, can deal with several kinds of shocks and can work even in water up to 10 m without any protective cover! Wait, we aren’t yet done praising the camera. The camera further has image stabilization and wind sound reduction features, which means it can help you shoot smooth videos even if you are sitting on the dashboard of your car or are skiing! It can also shoot full HD videos at 60 frames per second, which makes it capable of shooting brilliant slow motion shots.

The key features of the GoPro Hero 5 Black are:

  • Waterproof sturdy body.
  • Wind noise reduction with dual built in mic
  • Amazing image stabilization for an action camera
  • Best in class slow motion shooting option at top resolution
  • 4K recording options (Although, image stabilization is not available at this resolution)

Read our detailed review of GoPro Hero 5 HERE

4) Sony RX100 Mark IV

If you are a vlogger who doesn’t require an action camera and are more inclined towards its portability, then there’s another camera from Sony which can fulfil your needs and can perform amazingly in terms of picture quality without burning a hole in your pocket!

It is the Sony RX100 Mark IV, which is packed with a powerful lens squeezed into a stylishly compact body along with a powerful sensor. This model also has a stack sensor, which significantly improves the video quality.

The camera has an inbuilt neutral-density filter, which provides better exposure to your pictures and balances colors. It can also shoot high speed videos up to 960 fps and has a high shutter speed up to 1/3200. Further, the camera has an advanced Exmor RS sensor, which has a high speed circuitry glued right in the middle of the sensor and the pixel instead of at the back thereby, increasing the speed of the sensor.

However, the camera needs the addition of an extra DRAM to deal with the surplus speed and to control the pace of data received by the processor. Nevertheless, for the users, all of this boils down to 2 pretty simple things i.e. great performance and more features, like faster continuous shooting, dual recording options and reduced rolling shutters.

Thus, the highlights of the Sony RX100 IV are as follows:

  • It is very compact and easily portable.
  • Sony Rx100 IV has a flip screen (which is a feature particularly essential for vloggers, especially those who are interested in making reaction videos or tutorials).
  • It has a very advanced sensor, which lends the camera with a particular advantage over most of the other point and shoot cameras.
  • It has a built in neutral-density filter, which ensures enhanced colour balance for the videos.
  • Good for shooting at fast speed.
  • It can also let you make modifications thereby, giving your shooting as much a professional feel as a DSLR would that too with reduced hassle.

Therefore, this camera is almost the best choice for both indoor and travel vloggers operating on a shoe string budget. Moreover, it is a saviour for the budding vloggers who do not have much prior experience with using DSLR(s). However, it does not come without its share of cons, like the fact that it lacks the level of sturdiness that a regular user willing to invest time in the making of his vlog would expect from his primary equipment.

5) Canon G7 X Mark II

The Canon G7 X Mark II is an undisputable choice in terms of build quality and sturdiness. Its design deserves applause as well, with the front grip ensuring a comfortable hold and the linearly aligned controls on the right side allowing convenient navigation through different modes during shooting.

The camera also has all the features of a DSLR packed into a compact little frame. Moreover, it has a strong lens, which is a little better than the Sony RX 100 IV and a bigger sensor (although, not as big as a DSLR or the alpha, but still the biggest sensor in its range).

The camera lacks a viewfinder , which can be a turn down for some. In spite of its fair share of shortcomings, we can still safely claim that this gadget has an edge over its competitors. For instance, it has a really useful tilt screen, which not only rotates the usual 180 degrees on the top, but can also tilt 45 degrees downwards thereby, ensuring more shooting angles. Vloggers can use this feature to their advantage while shooting in extremely sunny conditions, as they can tilt the screen away from the rays with ease.

All this is coupled with its better low light shooting performance and improved aperture that allows for sharper clicks. Taking into consideration all these features and its pocket-friendly price range, this camera is ideal for those vloggers who indulge in moderate action shooting.

The standout characteristics of the Canon G7 X Mark II are:

  • Cheaper than most of the above mentioned cameras.
  • Better build and usability with a two way tilt screen and easy navigation through the settings almost like a DSLR.
  • Biggest sensor for a camera of its size.
  • Better low light performance.
  • Very compact and can be easily slid into a pocket.
  • Unique still and video modes.
  • Manual shooting option.
  • Allows raw data format, which would be a plus for the photography enthusiast.
  • Unlike the Sony RX100, this camera does not fall into problems while saving different video qualities in different SD card types.

So, here is our in depth review of the 5 best budget vlogging cameras available in India, that we thought would be the right start for your new vlogging venture. With this list, we have tried to provide you a glimpse into the nitty-gritties of vlogging cameras, yet again it is imperative to mention that this list is not exhaustive and might have left out on some affordable devices, which could suit your particular needs better and also turn out to be more cost efficient. Some of the cameras, which we thought you must check for further reference, are: The Canon Powershot SX540HS, Panasonic DMC LX-15, Canon Vixia Mini, Canon Powershot Elph 110, Nikon Coolpix S6600 BK, Polaroid POL C3 cube HD and YI 4K action camera.



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