5 Cool and Useful Smartphone Accessories under Rs 250 in India: 2018

Almost everyone has a smartphone today. But have you unleashed full power of your smartphone? Well, we have created a list of Best 5 Cool and useful Smartphone accessories under Rs 250, that you can buy online.

There are hundreds of smartphones in the market today. The hardware and software of the smartphones is getting better with each passing day. There are numerous cool and useful mobile accessories in the market today, which we are not aware about.

There are mobile accessories that can enhance the functionality of the existing hardware. Also, there are mobile accessories that can provide you additional features as well. Smartphones have made our lives much easy than ever before. A decade ago, there were tasks that were almost impossible or were very hard to do.  With smartphones today, we can do those tasks very easily.

Not only there are innovations in mobile technology, but also there are many innovative products based on the Smartphones hardware. Let’s have a look at the Best innovative, cool and useful Smartphone accessories that you can buy under Rs 250 in India (2018).

1.Micro USB mobile fan

Well, this is one cool gadget that can be very useful while travelling. This mobile fan is a small little fan with only two wings and is light weight. It is handy and can be kept in pocket as well. This micro USB fan comes with a small motor than can be connected through a USB post to your mobile phone. It works pretty well for a single person. Just plugin this micro USB fan to your mobile phone charging port and keep it parallel to your face for free flow air.

It keeps you cool during hot summer days. Portable fan doesn’t require any special setup, so it’s very easy to use. Highly portable design, it makes it easy to carry along while travelling. You don’t need to carry an extra adapter or charger to charge this micro USB fan. It comes in multiple colors to choose from.

Does it damage the battery life?
Can it be used in any mobile phones?
Can it be used in power banks?










2. Camera Lens Kit

One of the most important feature in today’s smart phone is the powerful camera. Mobile phone cameras have replaced the need of carrying an separate camera while travelling. But does the mobile phone cameras are really so powerful?

Well, in most of the cases the mobile phone cameras are sufficient to click normal pictures. But when it comes to taking pin sharp pics or wide angle pics, the normal mobile cameras isn’t sufficient.  This smartphone camera lens kit comes with 3 lenses – 1 fisheye, 1 macro lens and 1 wide angle lens.

The macro lens can take high quality pin sharp pictures of small objects. Fisheye lens can take 180 degrees pics. If you have a keen interest in photography and do not have DSLR, then these additional lenses can enhance your mobile camera. With only few bucks, you can have these lenses attached to your phone. This will enhance your photography experience.

You can easily switch between lenses. It is small in size and easy to carry. So, while travelling you can take more powerful pictures with an addition of these lenses. You can buy these 3 in 1, powerful lenses kit for just Rs 149/- (prices may vary from time to time).

Can it be used on any phone?
Which lens works the best out of the 3?
Does it harm the original camera lens?









3.  Led Selfie Flash Light

You can easily buy this selfie flash light on Amazon within Rs. 200. In the box you get a small USB charging cable and a 16 Led small selfie flash light. You can charge this selfie flash light easily with your regular mobile charger or even with the USB cable.

The selfie flash light comes with a 3.5 mm jack and an ON -OFF button on the side. You can just switch on the flash light and plug in your mobile headphones jack. This selfie light comes in handy, while clicking selfies at night or in dim lights. Taking selfies is the new craze among the young and old generations. While most of the mobile phones comes with a selfie camera, but not every mobile  phone has selfie flash in it.

While, the rear cameras are more powerful and do have a flash light in it. The front cameras are not of high resolution as back cameras and also do not have flash attached, which makes selfies not of high quality. This selfie flash light has a battery of 200 mAh and you can easily take around 50 selfies with it. There are 16 Led lights attached to it and you can adjust the brightness of the light intensity according your need.

So, no need to buy the expensive mobile phone which have the feature of selfie flash light. You can easily attach this selfie light worth only Rs 200 to your mobile and take bright selfies in low light or even darkness.

Is it compatible with every mobile?
Do we get a charger with this?
Can we adjust the brightness of the Led Lights?







4.  USB Lighter

Well, this is one cool gadget for people who smoke. It’s one of the most frustrating things, when you have a cigarette but not a matchstick or lighter with you. Also, there are few smokers who can’t keep a regular lighter with them all the time. This USB lighter can come to their rescue.

Looks like a pendrive, this is a cigarette lighter in disguise.  This is a rechargeable USB Smart electronic lighter. It is light weight and easy to carry in pocket. It is flame-less and windproof. So you don’t need to find a closed place to light up your cigarette.  It a sliding button in between, which ejects a USB drive. You can easily plugin this into your computer for charging and it’s ready to go. It has Led coil on the other side and it lights up for 5-6 secs, every time you eject that. Once full charged it can light up around 200 – 250 times.

So, throw away your cheap lighters and match sticks and buy this smart electronic lighter. You won’t regret it. It simple, light weight, easy to recharge, flameless and windproof. You can easily buy it under Rs. 250 in India.

Does it require any gas or fuel?
Does it comes with a charger?
How many times it can be used after full charge?











5. Waterproof Mobile Pouch

Smartphones as not cheap and if your smart phone is damaged due to water, it costs you a lot. In rainy days or during your beach side vacations, this accessory is going to save your mobile from water damages.  This is a waterproof pouch, in which you can insert your mobile and it will seal your phone inside.

It comes in universal size and has a triple lock to protect your mobile from water. With mobile inside the pouch, you can easily take photographs and use the touch pad. The pouch claims to protect the mobile under water for upto two hours. You can easily take phone calls while the phone is in pouch.

So, if you love swimming and wants to keep your mobile with you while swimming, then this mobile pouch is the ultimate solution. No fear of accidental drop of your mobile phone in water. The pouch has enough space to not only keep your mobile but also your cash, credit cards and Id cards. Best solution to keep all your important stuff safe in rains.

Will it work under water, as in diving or river rafting?
What's the size of this pouch?
Can I talk on my phone while in pouch?







Which product are you going to buy as your next mobile accessory? Do let us know in the comment section below, if you think there is any other cool and useful gadget which should be in our list?



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