Best and Latest Stroller for baby : India 2018

Who doesn’t want a fresh air? Even your baby needs a stroll once a day in fresh air, but going out with your baby in your arms could be tricky at times. While going to a mall or going out for a evening stride or going for a important house warming party of a friend, you would love to have your hands free while at the same time would want your baby to be safe and comfortable. Well, baby strollers can come to your rescue . Strollers for baby can make your outing comfortable and safe and easy to move. With wheels and sturdy frame and a handle to control, you will be sure that you baby is in safe hands.

Stroller means – Safety, comfort and convenience

Below are some best seller strollers for baby. (Click on the individual stroller to know more details)

List of best baby strollers in India for 2018:

Before going through the list of best baby strollers in India, let us see what are the features on which we should rate a stroller or better what all should we look for while buying a stroller.

       Factors to keep in mind while buying a stroller:
  1. Movement  – Stroller should be easy to move on roads. The movement should be easy even on rough terrains.
  2. Design – What are the seating options for a baby. It should be designed in way that has flexible options of sitting, sleeping or reclining for baby.
  3. Comfortable – You would like your baby to feel like in mother’s arms. Comfort is one of the most important factor while choosing a stroller for baby.
  4. Safety – Having said that comfort is one of the most important fator but comfort without saftey is compromising. You would like your baby to be safe and enjoy the comfortable ride in fresh air.
  5. Control – Handlebar should be designed in a way that gives you the best of the control for the movement of the stroller. It should be comfortable for you to grip and also can adjust according to your height.
  6. Storage space –  While take your baby out for a ride you would like to carry few other necessary things as well. Your stroller should have enough storage space to hold all the necessary items you need while strolling.
How have we chosen the top strollers in India?

Well, giving due to all the important 6 factors that we talked about in the post above, we drilled down strollers on the basis of the sales rank and reviews given to them on Amazon.

Luvlap Baby Strollers

Luvlap brand has wide range of strollers, price range starting from 2000 – 10000+ . Their product have good review and the design of strollers look stylish and are quipped with the safety belts. Some of the strollers have eight wheels for a swift movement while others have 6 – 4 wheels. Depending on how much are you going to spend, they have a stroller for all the budgets.

Some features of their strollers:

  1. 3 flexible seating positions
  2. Safety harness
  3. Reversible handlebar
  4. Reversible handlebar
  5. Mosquito net
  6. Storage Basket
  7. Adjustable foot rest

Looking at the reviews for the Luvlap, it seems their strollers are strong and durable with good quality cushions used for the comfort of your baby. They have back pockets as well as storage space will allows you to carry small essentials with you when you are out for a stroll with your baby.

Lets look at some of their positive and negative feedback’s..Well most of their feedback’s are positive and customers seems to be delighted with the products.

“Superb baby stroller …at least after a week I can say that much based on its feel n the level of comfort it reflects on my baby… best part is it is very economical considering market prices of the same quality strollers that are available outside… so value for money..”

“It is very good in quality as well as strong , comfortable with great look”

There are few negative feedbacks but that are mostly for the product being defected in transit or few people think that the price was too high for the product. But having said that you can always return the products if you found them defective. Amazon is very customer focused and do take care of the defective products by either replacing them with a new one or issuing a total refund.

To make your work easier we have chosen few of their best product in mid- price range. Have a look at them.

Click on the image below to check the price


LuvLap Baby Stroller Pram Starshine Light Red – Check Price

LuvLap StarShine Baby Stroller – Red – Check Price

LuvLap Baby Stroller Pram Sunshine Sky Blue – Check Price

LuvLap Baby Stroller Sports Pram Red/Black – Check Price

LuvLap Baby Stroller Pram Comfy Navy Blue – Check Price

These are other two big brand names in the world of baby strollers in India who are selling products online. They too have wide variety of baby strollers with some great designs. The price range varies from as low as 2000 to as high as 10000.


We have chosen few of these strollers for you based on their high rating and the other features, keeping in mind the customer review as well.

Tiffy & Toffy Baby Strollers

Tiffy & Toffee Baby Stroller Pram with Rocker (Fuchsia)

This stroller looks great in design and color and also has good customer reviews. With reversible handle and mosquito net, it also has a storage tray which is detachable as well. Three position adjustable seat and adjustable footplate along with the padded cushions makes this stroller worth buying.

Here are few other strollers from Tiffy and Toffee

(Click on the pictures below to know the details)

Check all baby strollers from Tiffy and Toffee HERE

R for Rabbit Baby Strollers

R for Rabbit Lollipop – The Coloful Pram- Baby Stroller

With all the safety belts and 3 position recliner and a link brake there strollers are equipped with all the basic necessary feature you would look for, while buying a stroller. Not only R for Rabbit brand strollers have good customer review but also they seems to have a competitive prices. The designs are good and you do have many color options as well.

We have chosen few of their best strollers for you.

(Click on the images below to know details about the individual strollers)

Click here to see all the other Baby strollers from R for Rabbit Brand

Hope you got what you were looking for. Let us know in the comment section below which stroller did you decided to buy?

Happy Strolling !


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