Best 4 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones in India under 3000

With so many wireless Bluetooth headphones out in the market, it becomes a bit difficult to choose the best one in budget price. Everyone seeks for good sound quality and comfort in their headphones. Wired headphones or earphones for that matter is quite messy to handle. The wires entangle automatically and then causes wear and tear after some time, causing the wires to break. Wireless headphones definitely are a peace of mind, less messy with good sound quality and easy to carry.

With so many brands positioning themselves and providing the best out there, consumer is the one who benefits from this cutting edge competition.

We have created a list of the best wireless Bluetooth headphones that are available in India under Rs 3000.

What to look for?
Build Quality:

Most of the wireless headphones in this range are made up of plastic. One should choose the headphones keeping in mind the usage of the headphones. If the user is going to handle the headphones roughly (mostly for travelling) then one should go a premium build quality headphones. How soft the the plastic and cushions will determine how long can you wear the headphones, before they start hurting your ears.

Design and Features:

Another import feature to look for is the design of the headphones. How big size are the cups? Are the cups fixed or movable ? Is the headphone fold-able? How much can you stretch the band?

Taking calls from the headphones is a good to have feature.

Is there any controls on the headphone itself? Is there any battery life indicator? How long does the battery last? Well, these are some of the most important things that will enhance your music experience.

Sound Quality:

Quality of sound output is the heart of any headphone. Crystal clear vocals with balanced sound is a must have thing. Bass focused or not, is a choice that you need to make according to your music taste. There should be no rumbling at low ends and the music should be precise and not cause any fatigue after listening for long time.

List of Best 4 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones in India under Rs 3000
1) boAt Super Bass Rockerz 400

These wireless headphones from boAt are for the bass lovers. With the 40 mm drivers, this headphones gives the adequate punch to the music. The extra bass in the speakers provide the thump to the tracks and you would literally feel the difference at higher levels.

The essence of any wireless headphones not only lies in it’s sound quality but also in battery life. With 100 hrs of stand by time, boAt Super Bass Rockerz 400 lasts easily for 6- 8 hrs, which is good for the quality speakers in this price range. The time it takes to charge from 0 to 100% is about 2-3 hrs. Charging does not require any fancy setup or a dedicated charger. You can easily charge this headphone with a micro USB cable. So easy on the go!

Out of charge? Just plug in the 3.5 mm jack and make it a wired headphone!

Even if the battery drains out and you are unable to charge the headphones, you need not worry about that. Simply plug into the 3.5 mm jack to make it a wired headphone and carry on with your music. You need not buy an additional 3.5 mm audio jack, it comes along in the box itself.

With the passive noise cancellation feature, it cuts the unwanted surrounding noise to give you the ultimate listening experience.  It strikes the perfect chord between the music you hear and the sound outside. So you may still hear if someone is honking from the back but won’t hear the chats of the person sitting beside you.

With just 109 gms in weight, you won’t feel the headphone on your head even after long hours. The faux leather ear cups are quite soft and is fits perfectly fine on your ears. The cups are foldable making it super easy to carry the headphones while travelling. The cups are attached  to the headband through steel anchor which allows the cups movement to be adjusted according to your comfort.

Control Buttons on the cup allow to play/pause, adjust volume and manage calls.

The controls are provided on the ear cup itself. So if you are planing to wear this headphone while running or in gym, you need not have to take out your smartphone now and then, to switch the song or control the volume. With the control buttons on the ear cup, you can play/pause,  switch the songs,  adjust the volume and answer the phone calls! Beside the control buttons, there is a micro USB charging port on the ear cup to charge the headphone.

boAt Rockerz 400
  • Good Sound Quality
  • Wireless with an option to make it wired
  • Battery Life of 8 hrs
  • Quick charging time of 3 hrs
  • Passive Noise cancellation
  • Extra Bass for thump
  • 40 mm drivers
  • Mic for taking calls
  • Control buttons on the cup
  • Headband’s width is limited
  • Sound quality deteriorate with AUX
boAt Rockerz 400







2) Motorola Pulse Escape

Motorola has recently launched wireless headphone in India, which is priced quite high (around Rs 6000 on the box) but it is available at an discounted price of under Rs 2500.  The all plastic headphone has big size ear cups. The cups are foldable making it easy to carry around with you.

Design of Motorola escape looks premium but once you hold it in hand, you will feel like budget headphone. The folding of cups produces a sound, which might first scare you of breaking it up.  The cushions are soft and are comfortable on your head and ears. With 277 gms in weight, it is not the lightest headphone in this range, but you won’t feel the weight on your head.

The cups are adjustable and can swing at an angle of 90 degrees to give you comfort and to adjust according to your facial contours. On the cups you will find control buttons – play/pause, volume up/down. You can also take up calls from Motorola Pulse Escape, the play/pause button also serves as the control button to taking up the calls. The call quality is seamless and without any distortion. It too has the noise isolation which removes the surrounding noise and gives you clarity during calls.

IP54 makes it dust and splash proof

Motorola Pulse Escape IP54 certified which mean it is splash proof. With 10 hrs of battery life, it definitely has a strong battery back up.

The sound quality is just balanced. If you are expecting higher bass, then this might disappoint you. But otherwise there is no rumbling in the lows and the vocals are given priority in the mids and highs. The sound is clear and loud. Overall it gives a good music experience to an average consumer.

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Motorola Pulse Escape
  • Good Sound Quality
  • Wired and Wireless both options
  • Battery Life of 10 hrs
  • Noise cancellation for taking calls
  • Balanced Sound
  • Play/Pause and Volume controls are on the cup
  • All Plastic Build







3) Bluedio T2 (Turbine 2) Hurricane

With a unique rotatory design of the ear cups, this headphones surely catches the eyes of others. Available in white, red and black colors, the foldable design of Bluedio T2 makes it quite portable.  447 gms in weight, this bluetooth enabled headphone is on the heavier side. The band is made up of metal and is cushioned with soft faux leather. The cups are made up of all plastic material. It looks sturdy though, but careless handling of the headphone might end up in wear and tear.

The cups can rotate an angle of 195 degrees, which not only helps you adjust the cups on ears easily but also makes it super easy to carry. Control buttons are on the cup itself. Placed on the edges of the cup, you can control volume, play and pause the music and power on/off. Overall, the design and build quality looks premium, definitely you are paying less than Rs 3000 for a headphone which has features and build like that of Rs 5000 headphones.

8 Hrs of Battery life with 57 mm drivers is massive!

Taking about the sound and battery life. With 57 mm drives, it produces a massive sound for it’s big ear cups. In this price range, most of the headphones have 40 mm drivers, so you can imagine the power it can produce with 57 mm drivers! Once fully charged it lasts easily for 8 hrs. Charging on the other just takes around 50 – 60 mins. So in just less than 1 hour of charge it lasts for 8 + hrs! That’s really impressive given it’s 57 mm drives need more power. Moreover, even if the battery dies, you can still connect with 3.5 mm jack and make it a wired headphone.

Enables with Bluetooth 4.1, the connectivity is seamless and connects flawlessly with your smartphone in just couple of seconds. Once connected there is no submersion or rattling in music.

Taking about the sound quality, no doubt it exceeds your expectations. The highs are good and the mids and lows are balanced. The bass at times seems to be punched more than expected and also sometimes in few genres it surpasses the vocals as well. But that can be overcome with the equalizer on your phone. The sound is loud and is advisable to not listen at full volumes, which might cause a headache after long listening. You might need to play around with the equalizer to get the best music out of the headphone.

There is an option to turn of the bass as well. You just need to press the volume up/down button simultaneously to turn off the bass.

Bluedio Turbine 2 (T2) Hurricane
  • Great Sound Quality
  • Wired and Wireless both options
  • Massive Battery Life of 8 hrs
  • In built mic for taking calls
  • 57 mm drivers
  • Controls are on the cup
  • Cups can rotate at 195 degrees
  • Bass too heavy
  • Mic quality is not good









4) boAt Rockerz 600

boAt Rockerz 600 is successor to the Rockerz 400. It has new design with better sound quality and much strategically placed control buttons. The ear cups are square shaped and the soft cushions fully covers the cups from inside. The faux leather cushions are comfortable and easy on ears. You won’t feel any irritation or redness after wearing this earphone for a long duration. The cushion on the headband is quite soft and the earcups are attached to the headband through steel anchors. Earphone is mostly made up of good plastic material and with steel anchors, this is one sturdy headphone.

On the right earcup is the control panel with which you can change the tracks, play/pause the music, adjust the volume and can also answer the calls with a single tap. Besides these buttons, there is an LED that indicates the battery life and  pairing status.

300 mAh rechargeable Li-Polymer battery lasts easily for 7 + hours. It just takes 2 hours to charge the battery from dead to 100%. Battery performance is quite impressive, given the driver size is 40 mm. boAt claims to have a stand by time of 100 hrs! Like most Bluetooth headphones, this too have a option of using 3.5 mm jack to make it a wired headphone, comes handy when headphone run out of charge.

Heavy Bass with balanced sound is a delight for music lovers.

The sound quality is quite good. The bass is strong and vocals are clear. The mids and highs are balanced and vocals are just right and compliment the bass levels. There is no rumbling or shattering at the low levels.  Noise cancellation microphone works as a swift.  Overall, the sound quality is at par with any premium big brand expensive Bluetooth headphones.

boAt Rockerz 600
  • Superb Sound Quality
  • Wired and Wireless both options
  • Battery Lasts for 7+ hrs
  • Noise cancellation mic
  • 40 mm drivers
  • Premium Design
  • Controls on the cup
  • Visible wires hanging on the cups








Our Recommendation:

Even though all the above mentioned Bluetooth headphones are of superb quality and stand out in the price range of less than Rs 3000 in India but our recommendation goes to boAt Rockerz 600. No doubt, the superb build quality with great sound quality is not that you would expect from a headphone in this price range. The control buttons on the earphones are just a tap away. The full inside cushion on the ear cups, makes it super comfortable and easy to wear for long duration. 

boAt Rockerz 600 is the best value for money Bluetooth Headphones

Great battery life of 7+ hours and pretty impressive charging time of just 2 hour is another strong point of this headphone. Light weight of 288 gms and foldable design makes it portable and easy to carry. Bluetooth connectivity is seamless and noise cancellation microphone is just another feather in the cap.

All in all, you are paying much less for the sound, build and features of this headphone that you would have got in much higher priced Bluetooth headphones.


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