boAt Rockerz 600 Review: The Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

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boAt Rockerz 600

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boAt Rockerz 600 is the successor to the most selling wireless budget Bluetooth headphone boAt Rockerz 400. No doubt, boAt is offering best quality budget headphones in India right now. They are definitely competing with big brands like JBL, Samsung, Sony and Philips and the build quality and sound is at par with any big brand headphones, in much lesser price.

Today we will be reviewing boAt rockerz 600 which might not be as popular as other big brands but surely their products surprise you and give you more than expected. boAt Rockerz 600 also features in our list  of Best 4 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones in India under Rs 3000.

So what’s in the box?
  • Charging USB cable
  • Aux cable
  • Headphone
  • User manual
  • Pouch to store the headphone
Technical Specifications:
  • Driver Size – 40 mm
  • Frequency Range – 20 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Aux – 3.5 mm jack
  • Bluetooth connectivity – upto 10 mts
  • Weight – 280 gms
  • Size – 21 x 20.8 x 8 cm
  • Battery – 300 mAh
  • Impedance – 32 Ohm
  • Standby time – 100 Hrs
  • Play Back time – 8 Hrs
  • Charging time – 2 Hrs
Let’s review boAT Rockerz 600, Wireless Bluetooth Headphones in Detail:


boAt Rockerz 600
  • Good Sound Quality
  • Punchy Bass
  • Dual Mode – Wired and Wireless both options
  • Battery Lasts for 7+ hrs
  • Noise cancellation mic
  • 40 mm drivers
  • Premium Design
  • Strategically placed controls on the cup
  • Luxury variant – 20 Hrs of battery life
  • Visible wires hanging on the cups



The first impression when you hold the headphone in hand, is that it is light weight and quite small in size. It just weighs 280 gms and the width of the band when relaxed is 21 cms. It gives a premium headphone feel with soft cushions and good quality plastic used.


Faux leather fully covers the flat square shape ear cups from inside. The cushion on the ear cups is pretty soft and does not hurt your ear even after long duration.  Square shaped flat ear cups design might not go well with everyone. Round shaped ear cups cover your ear which reduces the sound leakage and cuts off the unwanted noise to an extent as well. Square shaped ear cups does not cover your ear but are more sort of placed on your ear leaving spaces between your ear and earcup cushions due to the irregular contours of human ear. Having said that, it’s not a a big issue but might be important to an audiophile person.

Alternatively, the square shaped flat ear cups have a bright side as well. Not every headphone has the big circular ear cups that fully cover your ears. They sit an at irregular position which causes redness and pain after some time. The square flat shaped earcups of boAt Rockerz 600 just sits ON your ear rather than over your ear. Soft cushion on the ear cups is pretty comfortable and does not presses your ear which may cause any redness or hurting even after long musical sessions.

Premium Headphone in budget price.

The foldable design of the ear cups is pretty awesome. It just wraps inside the headband and looks like a small package. The ear cups are attached to the headband through steel anchors which can rotate easily. With the steel sliders you can adjust the length of the headband to fit the curvature of your head. Surprisingly, the wires are kept hanging above the ear cups which looks awful. Given the premium build quality of these headphones, this is one flaw that one would not expect for this quality headphones.


Controls are given on the ear cups itself. You can control the volume, change the tracks, power on/off, play and pause music with just a tap on the buttons. The buttons are responsive and are placed at the edges of the ear cups, so you can easily tap the buttons without looking at them. On the downside of the ear cup you will find the connectors – micro USB port and 3.5 mm aux input for wired playback, in case you run out of battery. Besides these connectors there is a Led which shows pairing status and indicates battery life as well.

Hold on the power button for 3 secs to start the headphone and the Led light flashes Red and Blue indicating it is on. Pairing with your smartphone is pretty easy and just a tap away. It connects seamlessly every time you power on the headphone.

Battery Life:

The backbone of any wireless Bluetooth headphone is the battery life. There is no point of having a Bluetooth headphone if it doesn’t lasts for long. boAt Rockerz 600 is equipped with 300 mAh battery which lasts easily for 7+ hours.

Also, the charging time is pretty quick as well, it take around 2 hrs to fully charge the headphone. Even on the go, with 15 mins of charge it lasts for 1 hour. That’s pretty good and is par with any good brand expensive wireless headphone.

Sound Quality:

boAts Rockerz 600 is positioned as a bass heavy headphones. The “super extra bass” as promised by boAt is something which seems like an over exaggerated version of the clear bass present in the headphone.

It sounds like any premium quality headphone – clear and loud. The bass is punchy and compliments the music. The vocals are balanced are not suppressed by the bass. The highs are just about right and not overpowering, sounds more like a natural sound. Mids are clear and do not mix with the highs and the lows. Instrumental music and jazz are more pleasing to hear with boAt Rockers 600. The lows are clear as well and with the bass heavy music there is no muddiness in the sound quality.

When you are listening to music through a auxiliary wire, the sound quality drops down a bit, but that is something which is common with most wireless headphones.

Luxury Variant:

Recently boAt has launched a luxury edition of Rockerz 600. It not only looks great but has a better battery life as well. The regular boAt Rockerz 600 has 300 mAh battery, while this special edition has 450 mAh battery. It’s higher battery power gives an insane battery life of 15 – 20 hrs !

The cushion in this variant is of light brown color and the  pretty soft. The inside strap of the headband is also of brown color and goes pretty well with the overall black color of the headphone.


Even though the brand name of boAt is not as famous as the other big brands in the market like JBL, Sony or Philips, but boAt Rockerz 600 is no way less in build quality and sound when compared to any premium headphones.

The super foldable design make it small in size and highly portable. The soft cushions with premium quality faux leather looks stylish and provides the comfort. Battery life is great, 8 hrs of back up with just 2 hrs of charge and with the new luxury variant the battery life backup is of 20 insane hours!

The controls are strategically placed on the cups and just a tap away. Connectivity is good and so is the mic quality for taking up the calls.

Sound is balanced with the bass punch. The vocals are clear and there is no distortion or muddiness even in the lows. Balanced and loud sound makes it a  perfect wireless headphone in this price range.

There are other good headphones in this range like – Motorola Pulse Escape, which has big earcups and good build quality as well. You can read our full review of Motorola Pulse Escape Headphone here.



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