JBL Boombox Review: Loudest Bluetooth Speaker?

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JBL Boombox

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JBL is a well known brand, when it comes to wireless Bluetooth speakers. Recently, JBL launched – JBL Boombox, which is probably the loudest Bluetooth speaker in their portfolio. Massive battery life and loud sound make it one of its kind portable Bluetooth speaker for indoors and outdoors.

Before reviewing JBL Boombox in detail, let us first quickly look at its technical Specifications.

JBL Boombox Specs:

  • Weight – 5.25 kg
  • Battery – 20,000 mAh
  • Size – 25.4 x 49.5 x 19.5 cms
  • Frequency – 50 Hz – 20k HZ
  • Playback time – 24 hrs (claimed)
  • Battery – 20,000 mAh
  • Charging time –  < 6.5 Hrs
  • Power Supply – 20V/ 4 Amp
  • Waterproof – IPX7 Rating
  • JBL Connect+
  • Dual Sound Mode – Indoor/Outdoor
  • Bluetooth Version – 4.2


JBL Boombox Review: Loudest Bluetooth speaker
  • Good Sound Quality
  • Rugged design
  • Very Loud sound
  • Heavy Bass
  • 20,000 mAh battery
  • 20+ Hrs of Playback time
  • Dual mode option – Indoor/Outdoor
  • IPX7 rating – Waterproof
  • Can charge other devices
  • Intuitive control buttons
  • Can charge other devices
  • Speakers only on the front
  • Battery life Led indicators are not easily visible

JBL Boombox Review: Loudest Bluetooth Speaker?



Like most of the JBL Bluetooth wireless speakers, boombox too has rugged design. It looks like a much bigger version of JBL extreme with a sturdy handle on the top. The iconic JBL’s metal mesh surrounds the speaker.

With 5.25 kg in weight, this isn’t a light weight speaker. Being a Bluetooth speaker, it is a portable speaker but to an extent only. If you are thinking to carry this speaker everywhere, then you might have to think twice, given it’s heavy weight.

IPX7 ratings make it waterproof. You can submerge it under water upto 3.3 feet and upto 30 mins. Another good thing about the speaker is that if submerged under water, it floats on the water surface. So during the pool party, if the speaker accidentally falls into water, you don’t have to worry at all.

The passive bass radiators are located on both the sides of the speaker, like almost all the previous JBL speakers. It is not advisable to press these radiators, but a gentle press on this doesn’t cause any harm.

Even though the metal mesh surrounds 360 degrees in this speaker but there are no speakers on the rear side of the device. This is a bit surprising, as other speakers in the same category do have the 360 degrees sound in them. Also, given it’s heavy weight, it won’t be easy to lift the speaker every now and then, if you want to change the places.


On the very top are the controls, which are very straight forward and intuitive as well. On the left, you will find Bluetooth connectivity button. Beside this, there is volume up/down, play/pause button which helps you change tracks well.

You have the option to change the play/pause button to answer phone calls or use it as a control button for Google assistant/Siri.  You can choose whatever option you feel suits you the best from the JBL app.

In the middle, you will find power ON/OFF and the JBL Connect+ button. If you planning for large events or birthday parties and want to fill up the entire hall then you can connect multiple JBL speakers at the same time. With JBL Connect+ option, you can connect 100+ JBL speakers and they will play in sync at the same time.

Pro Tip: You can connect JBL boombox and JBL Pulse 3 and not only you can fill the entire hall with the sound, but will have the light show as well.

At the very bottom of the speaker, there are five pin pointed Led lights which indicates the battery life. Each glowing dot indicated roughly 20% of the battery left. Given its massive size, the battery life Led indicators aren’t clearly visible and should have placed at the top with other controls.



With Bluetooth 4.2, JBL Boombox connects pretty much almost with every smartphone and music device easily.  The connectivity is pretty good. There is no lag or connection issue upto 70 linear feet outdoors.

On the rear side of the speaker, there is water sealed flap that has 3.5 mm jack port, two USB charging ports to charge two devices at the same time and a wall power adapter.

There is another button on the rear side of the speaker, which has an option to switch between indoor and outdoor mode. This one is completely new feature, which is not present in any of the predecessors. The option gives you different audio quality and suits the environment you are – indoors or outdoors.

Battery Life:

With the insane 20,000 mAh battery, this speaker lasts long, really long. While JBL claims to have a playback time of 24 hrs, but @50% volume it easily lasts for 20+ hrs, which is really great.

Given this is an enormous wireless Bluetooth speaker, it takes around 6.5 hrs to fully charge the speaker. 20+ hrs of playback time with 6.5 hrs of charging time is not a bad deal.

Sound Quality:

Balanced with crisp bass and clear vocals.

The gigantic size of this speaker definitely makes it one of the loudest Bluetooth speaker in the JBL range. It is loud, pretty loud to fill the entire hall. For comparison purposes, the loudness for JBL Boombox will make you feel JBL Extreme a small speaker.


Given its enormous size and loud sound, this speaker is best suited for public gatherings, birthday parties, poolside parties and large hall events.

Talking about the sound quality, bass is heavy and dominant. At full volume, you can not only hear but actually feel the thump of the music.

At the 50% volume levels, the audio quality is impressive, you can clearly distinguish each beat. At higher volumes, there is a bit of distortion in bass and the clarity is compromised a bit as well. But you would recognize this distortion in indoors only.

In outdoor, the bass dominance goes away as what we got in an indoor environment. In terms of loudness, this speaker hands down outperforms every other speaker in the same category. This is definitely the loudest Bluetooth speaker out there in the market.

To quantify the loudness of this speaker – at 50% volume, the music is clearly audible till 50 feet distance. At 100% volume, the music is audible till 125 feet. Well, that’s insane and super impressive.

In the mid-range, the vocals are clear and so are the beats. It sounded great at moderate volumes with clarity and detail. Vocals are slightly pushed over bass at the 50% volumes. At higher volumes, the mids are clear and sounds more natural in outdoors.

All in all, it is great in terms of sound quality. Perfect for bass lovers. The sound is loud and impressive as well.


Overall, this is a heavy Bluetooth speaker with loud sound. Not recommended for personal listening but work wonders for large parties and events. The rugged design makes it a sturdy speaker. Waterproof with IPX7 rating and option to connect with multiple JBL speakers with JBL Connect+ option are some features you can’t ignore.

Super impressive battery life of 20+ hrs is the USP of this speaker. The loud sound which is audible till 125 linear feet is something, which makes it the loudest Bluetooth speaker available as of now.

Good sound quality with heavy bass makes it the top choice for party lovers and make it a utility speaker for outdoor events.


Does it support 3.5 mm jack?
Yes, it does have the port for 3.5 mm jack on the rear side of the speaker under the flap.
It is waterproof but does it drown in water
Nope, this speaker floats on water .It is IPX7 rating, which means it can be under water upto 3 feet and 30 mins
Can I charge other devices
Yes, there are two USB ports with with you can charge two devices at the same time
Is the handle on the top detachable?
Nope, it always remains there



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