Jio Car Router Price,Features & Launch Date in India: What to expect?

Jio is one of the most talked about companies in 2016 – 2017. Jio first came up with a sim that stormed the other network providers in India. Now it is coming up with Jio Car router. There are many questions which come to mind when we talk about Jio Car router. What is the car router? What will be it’s price & features? When is it going to launch in India?

In our previous Article  – Jio Giga Fiber Broadband Plans and Review: Price and Features we talked about another device that Jio is planning to launch soon in India. Yes, Jio is also coming up with broadband services in India. You can click on the link to read more about Jio Broadband device and it’s features.

Jio is now coming up with a new device, that would turn your car into smart car. From smartphones to smart car, Jio is using it’s millions of subscriber base effectively. In this article we will cover everything know about this device till date.

What is Jio Car Router?

Well, Jio car router is OBD 2 based device that fits into your car and provides you many essential information about your car. This is one of it’s kind device. What makes it powerful is that you can insert a Jio sim into this device. So, what all can this device do? Basically, it will capture all the information that is being recorded in your car’s computer like – the top speed of your car, Tyre pressure, average speed of your trip, the number of times you applied brake, engine’s RPM, oil pressure and many other things.

It will fetch all your on-board data and will help you make meaningful decisions, which will effectively increase your car’s life. It will also help lower the maintenance costs as you can keep a close watch on the diagnostics of the car.

Jio Car Router Front

Jio car router will fetch all the information about your car and will provide you the information through a mobile app. The mobile app has not been launched officially as of now.

Jio Car Router Features:

The car router is a gps based device, so it now only fetch the diagnostics about the car but will also help you track the car. So, if you have a driver for your car, then with the help of this device you can easily track, where you car is. You can also track where the driver is driving the car, which route is he taking, where did he halt and what was the halt time, what is the average speed and top speed at which someone is driving the car? So, no one can misuse the car.

The Jio car router can also track, if the seat belt was locked or not during driving period. There is an additional feature that makes this Jio car router very powerful device. So, if you lend your car to someone, you can bound the region where the car can go. If someone takes the car beyond the fenced region, the you will get an notification in your app. Isn’t this a cool feature?

Apart from fencing or bounding the region for your car, you can also set speed alerts. So, if your son or daughter is taking your car for a drive, you can set a speed alert on the app. And if the car crosses that speed limit, you will get an alert on the app. This way you be assure about your loved ones. Not only the speed would be in limit but also the region/area where the car goes can be fenced.

Is it compatible with all the cars?

So, next thing on  the mind would be – Which all cars can we plug-in this device?

16 pin plugin Route

Any car after 2009 model i.e any car after BS 2 (Bharat Stage emission standard 2) will support this device. This has 16 pin connector and you can plugin into under your dashboard. If you are not sure where to plugin this device, then you can ask any good car mechanic to plugin Jio car router.  Once plugged in, it will track your car and will gather all the important information about your car, which can be then accessed on you mobile app.

No only, this will fetch the diagnostics data, but as this device has a Jio sim in it, you can also create a wi-fi hotspot in your car. This multi functional device, is one powerful gadget for your car.

What would be price and launch date ?

Well, let’s talk about the real business now. No doubt, this is one device that you would live to plugin into your car and make it a smart car. But, what’s the price? Going by the recent trends of Jio, this Smart Car Jio Router should be in budget price. As there is no MRP printed on the device box as of now, so we are not sure what exactly the price would be. But, it should be somewhere around Rs 1500 – 2000, expected price. There is no confirmation about the launch date as well, but it is expected to launch very soon in India.

Pros and Cons in a Nutshell:
JIO Car Router Sim Slot
  • Can fetch various data from you car like average and top speed, Mileage etc.
  • Can track the Car
  • Connect with the mobile app
  • Notifications and alerts on app
  • Set speed limit
  • Can fence the area limit for the car
  • Can make Wifi Hotspot

As the product is not launched officially, so we can’t tell about the Cons right now. Keep watching this space for more. Subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest and updated information about the device, direct in your mail box.

What's the price of Jio Car Router?
What's the launch date?
Do we need to charge Jio Car Router?

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