Motorola Pulse Escape Wireless Over-Ear Headphones Review: Best headphones under 2500?

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Review of Motorola Pulse Escape

  • Design
  • Features
  • Sound Quality
  • Value for Money

Motorola Pulse Escape Over-Ear Bluetooth headphones has been launched in India. Even though the price tag on the box is around Rs 6499/-, you can easily get these headphones on Amazon India for a price of Rs 2100/- only. Prices may vary from time to time, so you can check the latest price here.

Motorola Pulse Escape  is designed like a premium headphones that might cost you high on your pocket but it is available in budget price. The premium illusion disappears when you hold the headphones in your hand. It’s not, that it is cheaply built, but the all plastic body justifies the budget price of under Rs 2500.

Will the features, design, sound and built quality make Motorola Pulse Escape the best headphone under Rs 2500? Well, we will check this out at the end of the post. Let’s review the headphone in detail.

What’s in the box?
  • Wireless Over-Ear headphone
  • 3.5 mm Cable
  • Charging Cable
  • User Manual
What to expect?
  • 40 mm Drivers
  • Noise Isolation
  • Built – in mic
  • Noise Isolation
  • Foldable Design
  • On Headphone Controls
  • 10 Hrs of playtime
  • Bluetooth Connectivity

The Motorola Pulse Escape is big size over ear headphones. The cups size is quite big and gives you a feel of a premium headphones. Surely at discounted price of less than 2500 is a delight for this quality headphones. Headphones are made up of all plastic and produces a cringe sound while folding up. At first, one might think it would break while folding but it stays up tight there.

The contours on the headphones looks quite stylish and feels comfortable on your head as well. With a weight of just 277 gms, it feels light on your head even after wearing it for a long time. Thanks to all plastic built, the weight of these hefty looking over-ear headphones is on the lighter side.

The cushioning on the band and the cups is of good quality.  All around cushioning on the cups gives you a good hold on ears. The fabric is soft and is quite comfortable and easy on your ears.

The foldable design makes it a quite compact and portable. The cups can swing at an angle of 90 degrees which not only helps the headphones rest easily on your neck, but also are quite comfortable when you wear them on your ears.

Surely at discounted price of less than 2500 is a delight for this quality headphones

On the cups, you will find the controls  –  Volume Up/Down and Play/Pause button which also serves for taking up the calls.  On the downside of the cup you will find 3.5 mm auxiliary port for connecting it directly with your device if you don’t want to go the Bluetooth way. Beside the port is USB port for charging and a Led light which shows if the device is connected or not.

It comes it two colors – black and white. The white one looks classy but after some outdoor usage, you might feel it getting dirty.


With Bluetooth 4.1 this wireless over-ear headphones connects with your smartphone or any other compatible music device seamlessly. The Bluetooth connectivity works perfectly fine upto 60 linear feet.

The control buttons on the cup really come handy for play/ pause and volume controls. There is no visual indicator which tells you about the battery life. But if you press both the volume buttons together, the headphones tell you about the battery level.

The headphones are IP54 certified, which means it can withstand splashes of water but cannot submerge under water. So if you are planning to wear this over-ear headphones out in rain, then it won’t cause any harm to it. If the headphones aren’t charged but you still want to enjoy the music, you can always use the 3.5 mm jack port and connect it with the device. So thumbs up there for having an option to make it wired headphone or use it wireless as per your convenience.

The headphones is equipped with “noise isolation” feature, as Motorola calls it, which actually cuts any unwanted noise and gives you a superb music experience. With the built-in microphones, you can take the calls on the go. The connectivity is quite good and there is no lag or distortion while taking up the calls. It picks up a bit of background noise while taking up the calls but still the voice is audible very clear on the other side.

Battery Life:

One of the crucial features of the wireless headphones is the battery life. If the headphones cannot last for long, then Bluetooth headphones doesn’t make any sense.

Motorola claims to to have a battery life of 10 hrs, but with our tests it actually lasts for 9 hours, which is quite impressive. Keeping the volumes at around 50%, gives you the balance between a good battery life and superb music experience.

Sound Quality:

Motorola Pulse Escape comes with 40 mm drivers, which justifies it’s big size as well. Motorola has positioned this over-ear headphones very cleverly. It looks like a very premium and costly headphone, which it is not and so is the sound quality. The sound is very balanced, bass is neither too heavy nor thin. Vocals are not pushed too much and are in accordance with the adequate bass.

If you are a heavy bass lover, then this might disappoint you at certain level but the overall sound quality justifies the price band of under Rs 2500 wireless headphones.

The mids are clear and the vocals are given priority, which is quite useful when you are wearing this outdoors. There is negligible distortion or rumble at the high range. The sound is clear and enjoyable.  No doubt the best listening experience with this headphones is in the mid range.

With Bluetooth connectivity, there is absolutely no sync issues and it works perfectly fine every time and connects in a blink of an eye with the music device.

Clearly, this is not a bass focused headphones but the main focus is on the balanced sound giving an average consumer the pleasure with more clarity to vocals and sharpness.


Well, the Motorola Pulse Escape is a good proposition given it is available at an discounted price of under Rs 2500. The built quality is descent if not great. Good battery life and premium design are definitely the selling USP for this headphones.

The sound quality is good, if not the best and justifies the price at which it is positioned in the market. Overall you are paying for a good headphone which will give you a feel of a premium one.

Pros and Cons
  • Available in budget price of Under Rs 2500
  • Water and Dust Proof
  • Good Design gives a premium look
  • Balanced Sound
  • Soft Cushions
  • Good battery life
  • All Plastic Built




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