Oneplus 5 vs Honor 8 Pro: Which one to buy?

With lot many smartphone launching in the market, it is becoming difficult to make a decision for buying the best smartphone in your budget. Today’s consumer have too many options to buy a smartphones. With the cutting edge competition  the smartphone companies are trying to push the best specs for a minimal price, which is good for end consumers of-course. But with too many options comes the difficulty to decide on which one to buy.

One such case has come in the recent times when Honor and Oneplus launched their two best flagship phones in a mid range segment. Oneplus launched Oneplus 5 with great specs and superb built quality and then after sometime Honor launched the Honor 8 Pro, again great specs and built quality. The price range is almost similar for both the phones. So which one should you buy? Which one is best for you? Honor 8 Pro or Oneplus 5?

Well, we did a in depth comparison for both the phones on different parameters, which might help you make the final decision.

Indepth review of Honor 8 Pro and Oneplus 5

You can read the in-depth reviews of both the phones here.

Before talking about the similarities and differences, let us fir compare the specs for both the phones.

Technical Specs Comaprison

Honor 8 Pro:

  • Screen Size – 5.7″
  • Weight – 184 gms
  • Thickness – 6.97 mm
  • Resolution – 1440* 2560 pixels
  • Processor – Kirin 960
  • RAM – 6 GB
  • Internal Storage – 128 Gb
  • Expandable Storage – YES
  • Battery – 4000 mAh
  • Rear Camera – 12 MP
  • Front Camer – 8 MP
  • O.S – Android 7.0
  • UI – EMUI 5.1


One Plus 5:

  • Screen Size – 5.5″
  • Weight – 153 gms
  • Thickness – 7.25 mm
  • Resolution – 1080* 1920 pixels
  • Processor – Qualcomm Snapdragon 835
  • RAM – 6 GB
  • Internal Storage – 64 Gb
  • Expandable Storage – NO
  • Battery – 3300 mAh
  • Rear Camera – 20 MP
  • Front Camer – 16 MP
  • O.S – Android 7.1.1
  • UI – Oxygen OS

Let’s get started on the comparison.

1) Screen size and display quality

Honor 8 pro has a slightly bigger screen size when compared to Oneplus 5. Honor 8 Pro has a screen size of 5.7″ inches, while Oneplus 5 has a screen size of 5.5″ inches. Talking about the display quality, both phones are good and different. Honor 8 Pro has a higher resolution HD display screen, while Oneplus 5 has 1080p resolution AMOLED screen. So definitely Honor 8 pro has an edge in terms of screen quality and resolution. Screen size is a subjective matter and it all depends which screen size suits you better – 5.5″ in Oneplus 5 OR 5.7″ in Honor 8 Pro.

2) Screen Brightness

Well, both the phones work quite well in terms of screen brightness, but if you talk about the screen brightness in direct sunlight then you will Oneplus 5 has a better brightness as compared to Honor 8 Pro. So if you are person which spends a lot of time in outdoor activities then Oneplus 5 wins here.

3) Exterior Built Quality

Well, both the phones are premium phones and no doubt both have superb exterior built quality. All metal design, compact and firm to hold in hands. Rounded edges makes it lot easier to hold the phones in hand. So, all in all both the phones will be rated similar in terms of built quality. It’s a tie!

4) Processor

With lot many apps and multitasking, processor has become one of the most important feature in the smartphones today. People hate when the phone gets slow or hangs frequently. Well, with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, definitely Oneplus 5 has a better processor here. Even, though Kirin 960 in Honor 8 Pro is also a good processor but if you compare them on same tests, then Snapdragon is a faster processor. It would not be wrong to say that Kirin 960 would be equivalent to Snapdragon 821. So, Oneplus 5 is clear winner here.

5) Internal Storage

Well, Oneplus 5 comes in two variants – 6 GB RAM and 64 GB Storage and 8 GB RAM and 128 GB storage, while Honor 8 pro has launched only one version in India with 6 GB RAM and 128 GB Storage. I personally feel that Honor 8 Pro was clever in choosing the specs here. 6 GB of RAM is enough for multitasking and high usage. Even the heavier games runs very smoothly in 6 GB RAM. So if you are going with the 6 GB RAM version in Oneplus 5, you only get 64 GB of internal storage which is also not expandable, while choosing Honor 8 pro is an advantage here, as you get 128 GB of internal storage.

6) External Storage
Oneplus 5

Honor 8 Pro is a clear winner, in terms of internal and external storage. Oneplus 5 comes with a 64 GB and 128 GB version and it does not support expandable storage, so if you are going with a 64 GB option, then you might have to restrict your data within 64 GB space. While the default version that is sold in India of Honor 8 pro has the 128 GB external storage and it is expandable as well. So you know which one to go for, if you keep lot of apps, pictures and movies in your mobile phone.

7) User Interface

Both the phones have a custom UI. Oneplus runs on Oxygen OS while Honor 8 pro runs on EMUI 5.1. Both the interfaces are good and it actually depends upon the user, which one he/she prefers.  Oneplus 5 has near stock android feel and experience, so if you are a fan of stock Android then Oneplus 5 is a better choice here, else both stands equal in terms of user interface experience.

8) O.S & Updates

Both the phones run on Android but the Oneplus 5 is ahead in terms of Android updates. Oneplus 5 already has 7.1.1 while Honor 8 Pro has Android 7.0 Nougat. So in terms of O.S updates frequency and speed, Oneplus 5 is ahead and first one to get the updates when compared to Honor 8 Pro.

9) Battery Life

Both the phones have quite different battery capacities. While Oneplus 5 has 3300 mAh battery, Honor 8 Pro has a whooping 4000 mAh battery. The Honor 8 pro has a higher resolution screen and also has a bigger screen size but still battery lasts easily for a day. Both the phones have a good battery life but typically Honor 8 Pro lasts for an hour more when compared to Oneplus 5.

10) General performance

In terms of multitasking and daily performance both the phones show a similar behavior. There is no lag in both the phones. Both have a superb RAM management so you don’t need to worry about closing the background apps every now and then. Both the devices are very well in terms of day to day performance.

Though you may find that the Honor 8 Pro back gets up a little warm when using it continuously for a long time. It doesn’t get heated up to impact the performance of the phone but still you may feel the warmth at the back side of the phone. While no such warmness is observed in Oneplus 5.

11) Charging Time

Both the phones support fast charging but Oneplus 5 comes with Dash charging. So Oneplus 5 takes around 1 hour and 10 mins to fully charge the device, while Honor 8 Pro takes around 120 mins to fully charge. So, it’s Dash charging in Oneplus 5 vs Fast charging in Honor 8 pro and Oneplus 5 is clear winner here.

12) Front Camera

Both the phones are very different in terms of front camera specs. Oneplus 5 has 16 MP front camera, while Honor 8 Pro has 8 MP front camera and the difference can be clearly seen in the camera picture quality. No doubt, Oneplus 5 wins here by quite a big margin. The picture quality is great, the details are superb and contrasts are excellent in Oneplus 5 front camera. Not only in terms of picture quality but also the videos recorded from front camera are great in Oneplus 5.

13) Rear Camera

This is one the most important feature for many users these days. Both Oneplus 5 and Honor 8 Pro has dual rear camera setup with a flash. Oneplus 5 has 16 MP (main one) + 20 MP (secondary)  camera. The secondary 20 MP lens in Oneplus 5 is used as a zoom lens. While in Honor 8 pro, we have 12 MP+ 12 MP rear dual cameras. The primary camers in Honor 8 pro is a RGB lens while the secondary one is the monochrome lens and not the zoom lens. The dual camera setup in Honor 8 pro (one monochrome and one RGB) helps get pictures in more detail and clarity.

The picture quality of both the cameras are really great and you get pictures with high details and clarity. Just that Oneplus 5 has zoom lens, so if you use zoom a lot while taking pictures then Oneplus 5 would be a better option.

14) Additional Feature

Honor 8 Pro comes with some additional features like IR blaster, so you can convert your phone into remote to control your home devices like TV or Air Conditioner. You do not get this feature in Oneplus 5. Also with Honor 8 Pro you get a VR box, which is again lacking with Oneplus 5.

15) Speaker

Both the phones have single speaker and good sound quality but the loudness in Oneplus 5 is greater than what we get in Honor 8 Pro.

16) Finger print sensor

Both the phones have a very responsive finger print sensor but the placement of finger print sensors in both the phones is very different. Oneplus 5 has the finger print sensor in the front while Honor 8 pro has the pfinger print sensor at the back. It depends which placements suits you best. In terms of performance and response time, both phones have a great sensors.

Well, both the phones are good in the price range and it all depends upon the kind of usage you have with your smartphones. Which feature is more important to you and what the internal storage you need in your phone. Hope you found this review useful.

Below are the links for buying these phones. Using these links to buy the phones will help us write more such unbiased reviews.

Do let us know which one are you planning to buy – Honor 8 Pro or Oneplus 5?




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