Patanjali kesh kanti hair oil review: India 2018

Hair adds up to one’s personality. Everyone wishes to have a shiny, bouncy, dandruff free and nourished hair. With increasing exposure to pollution and chemicals, our hair become rough and dull. Using chemical shampoos frequently degrade the quality of hair and also sometimes result in hair fall. Hair fall is one of the most common problem with people these days. Our eating habits are not as healthy as it should be and eating habits have a huge impact on our hair. Regular use of oil definitely do wonders with the hair problems and helps reducing hair fall and also dryness of the scalp. Massage the scalp with oil at night and use a herbal shampoo next morning will help you achieve a healthy, shiny and bouncy hair.

With many big brands of hair oil in market like Parachute, Nihar, Dabur Amla, Bajaj Almon Oil, Vatika Hair oil and many other, Patanjali has created it’s own place among all. It is getting very popular among people and people have quite good review for this hair oil.


Smooth hair, easy to apply, good fragrance, not that sticky, helps in controlling hair fall are few of the benefits of applying this hair oil for a sustained period of time. Hair fall is common problem and people are trying almost everything available in the market to get rid of it. Patanjali hair oil actually do wonders in reducing hair fall, it used for a long time. Applying this hair oil to the roots of the hair, provides nourishment and strength to the hair. It not only give shine and smoothness to the hair but also helps in preventing hair fall, grey hair problems and split hair issues.

Unlike most of  the hair oils in the market, which has chemical ingredients this Patanjali oil is made up of natural ingredients and herbs like – amla, behada, bramhi, bringaraj, neem leaf, jatamasi, coconut oil and til oil which makes this oil chemical free and safe to use. The oil is not too greasy and not too fluid like water. It is just perfect thick to apply without sticking to your hair or slipping easily through hands. Though one of the ingredients in this oil is coconut oil but this is not sticky like coconut oil and also it does not turn in solid in cold temperatures. It is yellowish green in color with good fragrance.

Though you can apply this hair oil anytime of the day but for best results it is advisable to apply this to you scalp at night so that it goes to hair roots for good nourishment and you can wash your hair next morning for smooth, silky and shiny hair. It’s price is quite competitive in market with respect to other good brands.You can easily find this oil in local markets as well as you can purchase it online. It has good distribution in market and easily available on Patanjali stores.


The packaging of the product is also good. It comes in a bottle and a click to shut cap, the shape of the bottle is easy to handle as it has a large neck to hold it and wide base to store the oil, which make it spill proof while handling the bottle. The only issue with the packaging is while travelling, as the cap of the bottle is click to shut and not the screw one, it might automatically open the cap while travelling and spoil your garments. So, it is advisable to carry this oil in another bottle with a screw cap while travelling to make it spill proof.

So all in all, this hair oil can be easily summed up as:




  1. Herbal
  2. Controls dandruff
  3. Controls hair fall
  4. Gives nourishment and shine
  5. Provides strength to hair
  6. Chemical free
  7. Competitively priced
  8. Mixture of many oils
  9. Made in India


Packaging is good, it come in a hard nice shaped bottle but it is not travel friendly due to it’s click to shut button, which might open while travelling, so it’s not spill proof but you can easily overcome this issue by pouring the oil in another small convenient bottle while travelling.

So, this hair oil is worth giving a try. If you are facing hair problems like hair fall, grey hair, dry hair, dandruff then you may apply this hair oil for twice to thrice a week for a couple of months and you can see the results.

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2 thoughts on “Patanjali kesh kanti hair oil review: India 2018

  • March 8, 2018 at 4:24 am

    Many hair care companies and brands, like Loreal and Pantene, are leaning toward gentler and organic formulations for optimal hair health. Your standard drugstore shampoo might contain parabens, silicone, sulfates, or sodium chloride. The only perk of these formulas is the cheap cost. But, its harsh ingredients aren’t doing your hair any favors. (Even for folks with oilier hair)

  • March 13, 2018 at 6:15 pm

    Pantene have a new range, micellar cleansing for oily hair, I think it’s fab, no silicone in it but it doesn’t leave my ends dry and frizzy, reasonably priced too and smells lovely.


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