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While, there are lot of small Bluetooth speakers in the market but JBL Go Bluetooth speaker is one powerful device. While most of the small Bluetooth speakers suck at sound quality, but JBL Go is one exception in the lot. This cubical shaped speaker fits into the palm of your hand. Before reviewing the speakers, let’s see the technical details of this speaker.

  • Weight – 132 gm
  • Size – 8.3 x 6.8 x 3.1 cm
  • Battery life – 5 Hours

Let’s review JBL Go Bluetooth speaker in detail:

Product Design and Features:

This small Bluetooth speaker has a sturdy skeleton. It has a non-slippery rubberized cushion on 5 sides and on the front side, is a solid metal mesh. JBL Go is not waterproof, so you need to take care if you planning to take it to beaches while travelling. It comes in different color options to choose from – orange being my favorite among all the options available. The right side of the speaker has USB charging port, auxiliary port and a port for Bluetooth speaker phone. The good part being, the USB charging port, is compatible with most of your android phone chargers, so you don’t need to carry an extra charger for this speaker while travelling. It also supports auxiliary, so you can easily connect your laptop with this speaker and enjoy your movies at loud sound.

The controls for the volume and Bluetooth pairing button are on the upper side of the speaker. Beside the volume control it also has a button to receive or reject the phone calls while listening to music and a power button to switch on and off the device. On the front side inside the mesh is the Led indicator and it lights up showing it is connected through Bluetooth. On the left side of the device is a nice groove to hold the device or hang it through a thread.

The size is not the smallest one, but is small enough to fit in your palm and it is quite light weight, it weighs only 132 gms, so you can easily carry it anywhere, just slip into your pocket and you are good to JBL GO. The pairing with your music device is also quite easy, you just need to long press the Bluetooth button on the top on the device and you can easily pair it with your mobile with just a tap on your mobile.

  • Rubberized Cushion on 5 sides
  • Solid Skeleton
  • Light Weight and Small Size
  • No battery life indicator
Battery Life:

When it comes small sized Bluetooth speaker, you can’t expect much in terms of battery life and JBL Go is not an exception. This is one area that JBL could have improved on. The product description claims the battery (600 mAh) life to last for 5 hours but with test on 50 % volume it lasted for 3.30 mins only. Another lacking feature is the battery life indicator. Though given the small size and price at which it is positioned, it would be expecting more to have this feature but given the small battery life this feature would have been quite helpful. Specially, while travelling  this feature is very helpful. With battery life indicator, atleast you know how much battery is left and when you should charge it.

Sound Quality:

This is one powerful small Bluetooth speaker. The sound from this speaker can easily fill a small room even you are not playing at 100% volume. The bass is good and the audio is loud and clear. At mid and low ranges the audio quality is great and at high ranges as well there is no disruption in sound quality. You will not need to play this speaker on full volume if you are listening to songs in your room. Playing at 50 – 70% is quite good enough to fill a room and it saves on the battery life as well.

It has built in microphone that helps you take calls on the go. With built in noise cancellation technology, you can seamlessly take your phone calls through this speaker. Given the size of the speaker, if you have reasonable expectation with the audio quality, JBL Go will not disappoint you.


For the people on the go, this cute little device will be a great companion, just throw it in your pocket or hang it on your bag and keep going. With excellent sound quality, small size and light weight, this is one speaker that you can’t miss to buy, given it’s affordable price.

  • Great Sound Quality
  • Sturdy and compact design
  • Controls for volume and phone calls
  • Built in microphone
  • Groove to hang the device
  • Noise cancellation
  • Quick 1.5 hrs battery charging time
  • Aux-in to connect with multiple devices
  • Low Battery Life
  • No battery Life Indicator


If you are looking for good sound quality at reasonable price, this cute little thing is definitely for you. If you want more feature in the device then you can read my review of:

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