Review of Philips QT4011/15 Pro Skin Advanced Trimmer: Features and Price

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Review of Philips QT4011/15 Pro Skin Advanced Trimmer

  • Design
  • Features
  • Value For Money

Philips QT4011/15 Pro Skin Advanced Trimmer is one powerful and handy tool that keeps you groomed and classy. No surprises that this is the best selling trimmer online!

When you want to look groomed and have no time for regular shaving, this Philips QT4011/15 Advanced trimmer is there for your rescue. It’s advanced technology combined with a great design, helps you trim your facial hair to desired length.

It gives you an effortless shaving experience with great precision and is gentle on your skin. Tired of nicks and cuts after shaving the regular way? This Philips advanced trimmer gives you smooth shaving experience. It’s safe for your skin and you don’t feel any irritation or redness, unlike the shaves with the regular blades. With adjustable length option, it not only trims your hair to your desired length but also gives you a clean shave as well.

With brand name of Philips, you can be rest assured about the product performance. Philips is the best in class when it comes to personal shaves and trimmers.


Let’s see the product price and features in details

Product Description and Features:
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Dura-Power Technology
  • Safe on your skin
  • 20 lock in length setting
  • Upto 0.5 mm precision
  • Long lasting Titanium blades
  • Corded and Cordless use
  • Battery Life indicator
  • Easy Clean

Philips QT4011/15 Pro Skin Advanced Trimmer not only a powerful trimmer is also a cool looking gadget. The ergonomic design helps you keep a firm hold of trimmer while shaving.  It grips well in your hand and is easy to use. It is designed in way that helps you reach the hard to reach areas and contours on your face.

While using any kind of blade on your skin, the utmost important thing is – safety. This pro skin friendly trimmer is safe and easy to use on your skin. Rest assure, you won’t get any cuts or nicks even if you use the trimmer roughly. Some people prefer a very close shave and use the blade in opposite direction, which results in redness and irritation on the skin. With Philips QT 4011/15 Trimmer, you can use the trimmer which ever way you feel like, without any fear of cuts or irritation. It works magically well!

With a combination of black and red color, this is one classy trimmer that you would love to use and groom yourself. The trimmer has a – Trimming comb, trimming head and a trimmer length adjustment option.

The trimming comb(which is usually in Orange/Red color) is attached to the top of the trimmer and it helps you adjust the length of the hair to be trimmed. It also helps in keeping hair straight which give a perfect groomed look after trimming.

The trimming head has the platinum blades mounted to it. The trimming head is the main component of this trimmer. The trimming head is detachable from the main trimmer and you can use the small brush to clean the blades from the trimming head or keep it under running water to clean the head.

Trimming Comb (Check Latest Price)
Detachable Trimming Head (Check Latest Price)









The trimmer has an option of adjusting the lengths for cutting facial hair with an adjustable dial in the middle of the trimmer. The dial has numbers from 1 – 10, with which you can adjust the distance between the comb and the blades. The lower the number you set on the dial, closer the shave is. So, if you want to have a groomed heavy beard, just adjust the dial to number 10, it will give you a thicker neat beard. You can adjust the dial by 0.5 mm, so you can adjust the trimmer comb by 20 settings with minimum of 0.5 mm and maximum of 10 mm.

Charging Slot (Check Latest Price)
Rotating Lock-in knob (Check Latest Price)










This trimmer has a charging option and you can use it corded and cordless as well. The handle of the trimmer has a power button which also serves as a battery life indicator. While charging it shows – Green Blinking Light and when fully charged it shows up a green steady light. When the battery is low – It blinks with a orange light.

  • Green Blinking Light – Charging
  • Steady Green Light – Fully Charged
  • Blinking Orange Light – Low Battery
Charging Indicator (Check Latest Price)

Another important feature of this trimmer is the charging time. It has a charging time of 60 minutes which is the best in class when compared to other trimmers. With 60 minutes of charging time, it can give upto 90 minutes of cordless shaving. 90 minutes of charge is enough for 4-5 shaves. So, if you are not a frequent shaver, 90 minutes of charge would last for couple or more months. The trimmer can be used cordless and corded as well, so even if the trimmer is running out of charge, you can plug it in and use it for shaving.

The trimmer has long lasting, self sharpening titanium blades. The titanium blades gives a great cutting experience and with upto 0.5 mm precision, you get a perfect clean shave. The trimmer also comes with a travel pouch, which come in handy while travelling.

The trimmer comes with a 3 year guarantee, out of which 2 years guarantee is the out of box guarantee, which means the day you will purchase and open the trimmer box, the guarantee will last till two years from then. You can avail an additional 1 year guarantee by registering online your trimmer serial number with Philips. You get an email with the code, which could be used as an additional 1 year guarantee.

Titanium Blades (Check Latest Price)

Before using the trimmer make sure your beard is dry. For  better precision and perfect groomed look, comb your hair gently to straighten them. Adjust the rotating knob for getting the desired length. 0.5 being the lowest which gives you a perfect close shave and 10 for keeping full heavy beard.  For 2-3 day shadow look, it is advisable to adjust the lock in rotating knob to 3 or 4.

Once you have adjusted the rotating knob, you can use a mild pressure with trimmer on the opposite direction of the beard growth to get a perfect shave.

After shave, use the small comb with the trimmer to clean up the blades and the trimming comb. The trimming blades are detachable and water proof as well. Just detach the trimming head and keep it under tap water to remove the unwanted hair from the blades. Do not re-attach the trimming head immediately after cleaning with water. Keep it aside for some time to let it dry and reattach the blades again. Put the trimmer back  into the pouch to keep it safe for next use.

Pros and Cons in a nutshell:
  • Philips Brand Name
  • Firm Grip
  • Quick charging time of 60 mins
  • 90 mins of long lasting time with full charge
  • Adjustable rotating lock-in knob for length settings
  • Led indicator for charging
  • Up to 0.5 mm precision
  • 3 years of guarantee
  • Cordless and Corded usage
  • Self sharpening titanium blades
  • Friendly on skin
  • It makes too much noise
  • It can’t be used on other body parts
  • Trimming head does adopt to contours on the face
  • Trimmer get hot while charging
Final Verdict:

Should I purchase this trimmer? Well, If you love to keep trimmed and groomed look, this one is for you. Given the brand name of Philips and the features of this trimmer, this is a value for money deal. The lock-in rotating dial helps you adjust the length of the hair, so you can have the desired length.  No need to replace batteries, just plug in to a charger and you are good to go. The super fast charging time of only 60 mins is best in class. The self sharpening Titanium blades give you a perfect clean shave. All in all, this is a gadget that you can buy without slightest of doubt in mind.


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  • Design
  • Features
  • Value For Money

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