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Jio has recently crossed 100,000,000 subscribers base in India. That’s a big big number to achieve in less than a span of 12 months. Indians love free things and Mukesh Ambani very knows this. He invested the money to give free services and here you are – 10 Crore number achieved.

With their headquarters in Navi Mumbai and owner Mukesh Ambani, Reliance Jio is achieving new heights. They have created a turmoil in the market with their free data plans and  free calling all over India on any network.

With 2nd largest population in the world, India’s 63% of population is young and India is advancing towards use of technology in it’s day to day activities. From pagers to smart phones, India has grown very fast. There are more than 800 million mobile connections and out of which roughly 25% are the internet users. Reliance knew how much volume and potential there is, if he can cater to the needs to those 25% of 800 million users, who use internet day in and day out.

Without doubt Reliance has created a digital revolution in India.

Network and Services:

There has been lot of talks about the reliance services and network issues in the past. Lot of people have been complaining of call drops and network issues. I have been using Reliance Jio from past 6 months now and from my personal experience, initially there were too many call drops as other network providers were at a war with Reliance and didn’t supported the networks. Handing such huge and fast growing subscribers must have been a great challenge for Reliance Jio but having said that, they have improved a lot in past couple of months. The call drop are quite few now and the there seems to be no network issue when you are in the city. If you are moving to remote areas, you may still feel poor connection or low signal quality.

Free calls, what else a person need? People are happy with the free services now and can ignore the network or call drop issues for now, but once people will start paying for the services, that would be the real testing time for Reliance Jio. Jio would definitely need to improve on the service quality and network issues and will also have to increase their network penetration to rural areas.

Running on Volte technology, Reliance Jio claims to provide free 4G data for it’s subscribers but honestly speaking, the speed is not upto the mark to 3G as well. With other network provides, I have used 3G internet and on an average I get a speed of 10 Mbps + but with Reliance Jio 4G, the average speed is around 1 – 3 Mbps, but one of the reasons for the slow speed can be attributed to the insane number of subscribers who have been using it. Being free, people don’t think twice before using data and have been downloading all kind of stuff and seeing Youtube videos, making the network congested and slow.

At times, with the network issues and the slow speed of the internet, it becomes frustrating specially when you are using Jio as the primary sim. Sharing a recent incident where, I went to office outing over the weekend and was depending on the Jio sim for my internet usage (I am using Jio as my secondary sim – mainly for internet) and I was highly disappointed with it’s performance. There were times when sending messages through what’s app was taking minutes and I tried sending pictures as well, but I had to try resending  pics again and again and it took me around 5 mins to send one pic after multiple tries. Having said that, my experience of using internet in the city has been quite smooth. There are couple of hiccups at times but compared to what I experienced outside the city, this is quite good.

Well, regarding the call drops. Initially, around 6 months back, call drop problem was quite drastic. Almost 75% of the calls used to drop and those which connected were of poor quality. But slowly and steadily, things have improved. Now it is just the other way round, around 75 – 80% of the calls does not get disconnected in between and there are still 25 – 30% calls that still drops in between. Not only Jio has a problem of call dropping issue but people are facing issues when the call connectivity as well. Call dropping and Call connectivity are two different things. While in call dropping, the call is connected at first instance but it get dropped in between leaving you no other choice but to call again. In call connectivity issue, the call is not connected at first hand and you hear – “All lines are busy”, which is very frustrating at times, specially when you have to make a quick important call.

Internet Speed:

Reliance Jio gave India 4G network for free when people were still using 2G and 3G networks. Reliance Jio introduced a welcome offer for it’s subscribers, wherein they got 1Gb of 4G Data daily for free. Initially it was to end in December 2015, but it was extended to May 2017. Starting 1st April 2017, Jio services will be paid ones. We will review about the paid plans in the later part of this post. Talking about the internet speed, initially it was way too slow to be called 4G. There were times when the speed was much less than the 3G networks of other companies. But few months (in the later part of 2016), the speed was increased and was steady as well. Though, it still does not match with the speed of  4G of other network providers. Initially the speed oscillated between 0.5 Mbps to 2 Mbps, but recently I have seen the speed is between 2Mbps – 5Mbps and at times if you are lucky, you might get a whopping speed for 10+Mbps.

With Reliance Jio, browsing internet doesn’t seems to be an issue to me. It takes around 5 – 10 sec to load a page, but if you are watching videos online then you might see buffering, specially when you are watching HD videos. At night the internet speed is almost double and you may find an average speed increased to 5Mbps – 12Mbps. The internet users at night is obviously quite less when compared to day time, so you get a seamless speed at night and there is no interruption even if you are watching HD videos. Another issue with Jio’s internet is the stability. The speed varies a lot and sometimes dropped to less that 0.5 Mbps, so if you measure the speed with any app, then you might see huge variations in the speed. Going forward Reliance would not only have to increase the internet speed but also have to be more stable with the connectivity.

Prepaid Plan Tariff:

Postpaid plan Tariff:

Starting April 1st, 2017, Reliance Jio free services will moved to paid ones. Let’s have a look at the plans and tariffs of Reliance Jio.

Few things will be common for Prepaid and Postpaid

  • There will absolutely no charges for voice calling and that holds true for Local and STD as well.
  • It’s One India plan will still in intact. No Roaming charges through India.
  • Still the lowest data charges when compared to all other networks

Details of all Postpaid and Prepaid plans – (

Recently, Reliance Jio has introduced a prime membership plan and it’s is only for the existing customers. The happy new year offer which provided unlimited services for free is now extended till May, 2017. Starting April 1st, 2017, Happy new  year offer will be extended for it’s prime members.

Prime membership is limited to 100 million existing users of Reliance Jio, but don’t worry if you want to avail Prime membership, you can still get onto the Jio network before 31st March, 2017. The prime plans costs Rs 99 for one year (one time payment) and will cost another Rs 303 per month.

What will you get as a prime member?

With Rs 303 per month, you will get unlimited data, with a cap of 1Gb, 4G data daily and after 1Gb daily is exhausted, you can still used the at 128Kbps speed. It’s techinically Rs 10/- Gb of 4G data daily ! Apart from data the voice calls will still be free – both local and STD.

You can easily subscribe to Jio Prime through their app or through Reliance Jio website ( According to Mukesh Ambani, the benefits for a prime member will be around Rs 10,000 and there would be many other deals and offers from Reliance Jio for it’s prime members.

If you are an existing customer and do not avail the prime membership then you would be moved to Reliance Jio’s post paid and prepaid plans. The prepaid plans are stating from as low as Rs 19/- in which you will still get unlimited data at night and the validity for 1 day and the plans mover to Rs  1499/- in which you get 20 Gb of 4G data (unlimited at night) and a validity for 28 days. There are many postpaid plans as well. You can get all the plan details of post and prepaid plans from their website (


Even though, initially there were hiccups in the connectivity as well as network coverage but Reliance Jio has improved a lot in past months. Though there is still a lot of scope for improvement but as I said earlier, the real testing time for Reliance Jio would be after 1st April, when people will start paying for the services. Though, the user of 100 Million is too huge right now and have been expanded exponentially, which makes it difficult to keep pace with the development of technological infrastructure. After the introduction of the paid plans by Reliance Jio, the 100 Million number would be decreased drastically and we would be surely be seeing a better internet speed and voice connectivity.

Free voice calls, all over India is still the most lucrative thing that will lure people to port to Jio but if the call drop and call connectivity issues are not solved soon, they they might end you loosing a big share. Customer service from Reliance is always been on the bad books of people and they need to improve a lot in that area. Providing free and cheap services can get them the base subscribers but to run in a long duration they would need to improve the customer service.

Having said that Reliance Jio has changed the face of internet usage in India, While last year people were using 2G data for Rs 99/- they are now using 4G data for Free. More people are using internet than before and Jio has surely brought a revolution in India. The first step has been successful for Jio and hope they provide great benefits and services to people in the future as well.


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