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Kindle Paperwhite Review

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A voracious reader but tired of carrying lots of books with you? Well, Amazon New Kindle Paperwhite (2018) could be the savior. Let’s check out the details of Amazon New Kindle Paperwhite and Review this gadget in detail.

With 100’s of books that can be stored at a time, this light weight gadget is pretty much a delight while travelling. Kindle Paperwhite is an Amazon’s device and you can easily download books from Kindle store on Amazon.

  • Screen Size  – 6″
  • Resolution – 300 ppi
  • Connectivity – Wife + Free 3G
  • Storage – 4 GB
  • Weight – 205 gms
  • Dimensions  – 169 x 117 x 9.1 mm
  • Battery Life – 4 – 6 weeks (Depends on usage)
Let’s review the Kindle Paperwhite 2018 in detail:
Screen – Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite:

The previous version of Kindle had the screen resolution of 220 ppi.  The most improved feature of Kindle Paperwhite over it’s predecessor, is the screen resolution of 300 ppi. Even though it is still monochrome (Black and White), the resolution has been improved drastically.

The screen size is 6″  and has the backlight that helps you read comfortably without straining your eyes. Even in the dark, the surface light is just adequate and helps you read without an eye strain.

Like most of the smartphones glare in bright sunlight,  Kindle paperwhite gives you a perfect reading experience without any glare even in the direct sunlight. It feels like reading an actual paper.

Kindle has introduced a new font, which they call as the “most readable font” – Bookerly. The font is more pleasing to eyes and looks much like the traditional prints, the character spacing is improved, which helps to read more easily and quickly. High pixel resolution with the dedicated Bookerly font, make you feel like reading the text on paper. Crisp clear text, improved character spacing with hyphenation, justification and ligatures make the reading more comfortable.

Design – Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite:

With just 205 gms in weight, it is lighter than most of the books you hold in hand. You can easily grab this gadget in one hand and continue your long reading sessions without any strain in hand. The exterior design has not been changed since it’s inception in 2012.


The exterior matte finish, with the soft plastic helps you grip firmly to the Kindle while reading. The bezels on all the sides actually help you grip the Kindle without resting your fingers on the screen.

One might complain of missing buttons to turn pages, but that is quite a subjective deal. The touch screen is quite responsive and does the work flawlessly but a button on the bezel would have been an additive feature for turning pages without using the other hand.

Overall, the design is simplistic and minimal. The black and white look might not be appealing to few, but that can be overcome by using the different colored skins.

Features – Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite:

As we have already mentioned in the post above, Kindle paperwhite features Bookerly font, that reads like a printed page with sharp, dark and crystal clear text.

You can book mark the pages and scroll through the end without loosing your place. You can take and share notes easily with Kindle Paperwhite and export them as well to your computer. With an option of 3G enabled Kindle Paperwhite, you can easily share notes on Facebook and Tweet them as well.

Long press a word and … bing! You can look up for the work in Oxford American dictionary there itself. So not only will you be reading the books but without loosing the place you can easily increase your vocabulary as well.

Kindle Paperwhite has a feature, wherein you can easily flip through the paragraphs in the book to remind you later what happened in the past. X-Ray timeline as they call it, mentions important ideas, characters, and topics that might be of importance for the story. So now, you might not need to flip back through the book and find the important paragraphs to connect with the story again.

It not only has an option to choose the font but also the text size. One might complain about, only 8 text sizes to choose from but still it is 8 times more than the paperback font sizes.

Not only Kindle carries thousand of books at the same time but also you can easily categorize the books to look up later and choose the book according to your mood.

You can easily translate a word or full highlighted paragraph into any other language. Right now Kindle uses the Bing translator to translate the words in other languages.

Pros and Cons of Kindle Paperwhite
  • High Screen resolution of 300 ppi
  • Light weight of 205 gms
  • 3G Enabled
  • Crystal clear text with Bookerly font
  • Massive battery life (around 4 weeks)
  • Instant look up in Oxford Dictionary
  • Simplistic design
  • Massive book ecosystem to choose from
  • Not water resistant or water proof
  • Dependent on Amazon services
Controls – Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite:

The reading controls are same as the first version and it is simple and easy. To turn to the next page, just tap in center of the screen or on the right side of the screen. A gentle tap on the left takes you back to previous page. A tap on the bottom left corner helps you see the estimated time left to complete the book , or the chapter which you are currently reading or the page you are on. The touch is quite responsive and works seamlessly every time.

A tap on the top gives you a menu bar to choose from various options. You can customize the brightness, change the font size, margins and line spacing. You can also use the search option to search anything in the book.

Battery – Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite:

One of the main issue with smartphones or tablets is the battery life. One has to charge his smartphone atleast once in a day if not more. But the e-readers does not have to worry about the same. The Kindle’s battery life is measured in weeks and not days. Amazon claim to have a battery life of 6 weeks (30 mins of reading each day with a brightness setting at 10).  The actual battery life lasts easily between 3 – 4 weeks depending upon the usage.  Even if you use it for 2 hours a day, it easily lasts for 2 weeks. That’s really impressive!

Books Library – Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite:

Being an Amazon device, Kindle is solely dependent on Amazon’s book ecosystem. Having said that, the selection to choose from Amazon’s book ecosystem is just massive. There are more than 3 million books to choose from. From latest bestsellers to classics you can choose titles from various languages varying from English to Hindi, Tamil, Gujarati , Marathi etc.

You can download and read free sample before making the purchase decision. One can also opt for Kindle Unlimited services, that allows you to  read unlimited from over 1 million titles. You can choose from different genres, authors or from your favorite classics. Kindle unlimited services starts from as low as Rs 150 for month. You can opt for  monthly subscription or save your bucks by subscribing for 6 months or yearly plan.  Once you become a member you get free access to over 1 million kindle books.

Not every book is paid in Kindle store, there are more than 30,000 free books available. Based on your reading preferences, Amazon gives you personalized recommendations to choose from.

So all in all, Kindle is dependent on Amazon’s book store but it would be a rare case where in you won’t find a book that you are looking for.

Overall – Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite:

Undoubtedly, Kindle in itself is the best e-reader gadget available in the market. With increased screen resolution of 300 ppi and the Bookerly font in the Kindle Paperwhite makes the reading experience better than ever before. The touch screen is just top – notch and works every time you tap on it. The battery life is massive and easily lasts for 2-3 weeks depending on the usage.

The design is simple yet elegant. Light weight and soft plastic exterior helps you hold the Kindle firmly for hours without any strain on hand.  Adequate brightness with the built in light and anti glare screen, make the reading experience seamless and without any strain on eye.

No distractions like emails or push notifications like you get on your smartphones, helps you  focus and indulge in your reading.

Massive book ecosystem from Amazon helps you choose any title you can possibly think of . Instant look up for words and quick searches makes it easier to understand challenging books and also add to your vocabulary without using the paper dictionary or your smartphone to search for the word’s meaning.

The price is also affordable and does not tax heavily on your pocket. All in all, if you are  indulged in books and do not want to carry lot of books with you, then Kindle e-reader is the best you can get in the market with in an affordable price range.


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