Huawei Honor Band 3 Review: Best Fitness Tracker 2018 ?

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Review of Honor Band 3

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In amidst all the chaos, people have very less time for themselves. Most of us do not give due attention to our health as we are busy in our day to day activities. But recently there is a shift in this trend. People are gradually becoming health conscious. They want to keep track of all their activities. Fitness tracker bands have made their way into our lives in 2018, like it was never before. More and more people are carrying these fitness tracker bands on their wrists and it’s good to have one.

It’s quite essential to measure your activities and track down the areas where you should improve. It is right said –

What you can`t measure, can`t improve.

Honor recently launched it’s next generation fitness tracker band – Honor band 3 , alongside the launch of it new mobile Honor 8 Pro (You can read our full review here).

They have launched the band in 3 funky colors and at a very affordable price as well. It is launched in a direct competition to Fitbit. But can this band makes it place among the other affordable bands in this price range? Well we will find this out in our Review of Honor Band 3.

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What to expect?
  • Sleep monitoring
  • Heart Rate monitoring
  • Smart Notifications
  • Water resistant upto 50 mts
  • Activities/ Workout tracker
  • Light Weight 18 gms
What’s in the box?
  • Honor Band 3
  • Custom cradle to charge the band
  • micro USB cable
  • Warranty Card
  • Quick start guide


Pros and Cons
  • Accurate Step count
  • Water Resistant
  • Tracks Heart rate Accurately
  • Good Built quality
  • Monitors and Analyzes sleep quality
  • Shows up notifications
  • Good UI in app to show statistics
  • Average battery life
  • Strap is nondetachable
  • Need 3 apps to fully functional

The first thing that comes to your mind when you pick up the band is – how light weight it is! Definitely it is incredibly light weight band with good built quality. It comes in 3 vibrant color options – Carbon Black, Dynamic Orange and Navy Blue.

It has a rubberized strap. The silicon rubber strap is soft and goes well on your wrist. The strap is nondetachable, which is something many people would not like. People do like to change the straps and  wear different colors, which would not be possible in Honor band 3.

At the back of the Honor Band 3, you will find a a heart rate monitoring sensor and the pins for the charging.At the front is a an OLED display. It is monochrome display  so it consumes very less power and helps in having a battery life which could last easily for days. The display is small yet clear and bright enough to provide you every essential information clearly.

How to start the Honor Band 3?

Once charged, you can start the device by long pressing the button on the screen. After booting it prompts to download the Huawei wear app. Once downloaded the app will prompt you to download another app (if not installed already) Huawei Mobile Services app. Once done you need to register on the app, which would help you sync your data even if you switch your mobile in future. Once registered and login, the app automatically detects your band and then you can pair with your mobile.

For heart rate monitoring you need to install another app – Huawei Health app to make it fully functional. So in all you need to install 3 apps to get this device running. Wonder why Huawei did not integrate these apps into one. May be in near future we might see one single app to be installed but as of now you have to install the 3 apps to get going.


On the screen by default it will show you time, day, Bluetooth icon, battery life and step count. Single tap will change the screen and it will show you the number of steps for the day. On the long press you get more details like for your steps and sleep time. Another short presses will show you the heart rate, run and swim statistics.

Water Resistant :

It’s a water resistant band and you can wear it while swimming. It has a dedicated panel of the screen for swim statistics, so it is actually designed in way that it can be used under water as well. Honor claims that it is water resistant upto 50 mts.


The monochrome display is quite bright and responsive as well. But in direct sunlight, it fails to show up clearly.  With a flick of your wrist it lightens up and show you the time and steps count. On a single tap it shows you the number steps and on a long press it shows your sleep time, calories burned and your active time. Other three screens being the heart rate, run and swim. There is one thing which you might find missing in the display is to control the music of your smartphone. There are other bands in the market which allows you to control music from you fitness band.


Another good thing about this fitness tracker Honor 3 band is that it shows you the notifications of your smartphone on the band display itself. You can control which notifications you would like to see on the band with the help of the app in your smartphone.  You can enable or disable the apps to show you the  notifications. Definitely, the more apps you allow to show notifications, lesser would be the battery life. So you can allow may be the important ones like call, sms, whatapp to show on your fitness band itself.


Heart Rate Monitoring:

Honor Band 3 monitors you heart rate and not only it show your heart rate but other statistics as well. it show you Heart rate zones – warm-up, fat burning, aerobic, anaerobic, and extreme that helps you precisely track and optimize your workouts. The heart rate monitor is fairly accurate and it uses M4 core technology to give a precise heart rate.

It automatically measures your heart rate through out the day and show you the minimum heart rate, maximum heart rate and the resting heart rate. Given the price range, many of the other bands in the same price does not detect the heart rate accurately. So good job done by Honor here, as Honor band 3 detects the heart rate quite accurately.

Sleep Monitoring:

Apart from walking steps count and heart rate monitoring, it measure your sleep times as well. It tracks your light sleep time, deep sleep time and REM (kind of sleep that occurs at intervals) as well.  On the basis of the sleep data it analyses your sleep and gives you a score that tells you about your sleep quality.

Battery Life:

Honor claims the battery life as written on the box for 30 long days! Well, isn’t this incredible. But only if it was true. Well, every time you allow some app like notifications and heart rate monitoring, it prompts that it will affect the battery life. And it does affect as prompted but to an extent that one would not think of. Well, the battery life of the fully functional Honor band 3, in which you have allowed the heart rate monitoring, sleep statistics and also allowed to prompt notifications last only for 6 – 8 days. Well, the battery life isn’t that bad though. An average of 7 days battery life is ok,but it far way from what Honors claims on the device box.

So, if you got impress with the advert showing 30 days of battery life and thought of buying this band only because of the great battery life then you might have to reconsider your decision. Leaving apart, what is written on the box by Honor the battery life is pretty OK. Other bands in the similar price range and similar features also last only for a week. So you can charge this device on a lazy Sunday and keep it going for the next full week. It roughly takes 1.30 hrs to fully charge the device.


It is sold via Amazon in India and it Priced at Rs 2799/- at the time of writing this review. Prices may vary from time to time. Check out the latest price here.


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