Review of JBL Flip 2 portable bluetooth wireless speakers

When it comes portable Bluetooth wireless speakers, JBL flip is definitely one of the most talked about Bluetooth speakers in the market. Jbl is mainly in Bluetooth speakers, Headphones,  Home Audio devices and Car speakers. They are know for their quality products, the products are study with great sound quality.


JBL Flip2  is one such product from JBL, which should a good market share when it comes to Bluetooth speakers. Without doing more of talks, let’s see the technical details of the product.

  • Weight – 599 gm
  • Size – 6.5 x 6.5 x 16 cm
  • Battery Life – 5 hours
  • Dual 40 mm drivers.

Let’s review the product in detail:

Product Design and Features:

With option of many fun colors this is one sturdy Bluetooth speakers. At the first look, the one thing that you will really like about these speaker is the rubberized cushion on the both ends as well as  it has a broad horizontal line on one side as well, that’s great, specially if it falls this rubberized cushion will prevent it from breaking. On the front side it has a metal mesh that is really hard and looks nice as well

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On the back, there is a power micro USB plug and auxiliary port. The micro USB plug for charging is compatible with most of the android charges that you use for your mobiles, so you don’t need to keep a separate charger with you, if you are travelling with these Bluetooth speakers. Besides these two plugs you will see 5 small holes, that shows the battery life left. This battery life indicator is one of the great things that you will find in JBL Flip 2, which is missing in most of the other wireless speakers.

Controls are given on one end of the speakers, you will find power button, 2 volume control buttons (+ -), Bluetooth pairing button and a button to receive or end phone calls . On the other side you will see NFC, with you can connect your device by just tapping it on the speaker, so it makes it very quick to connect.

The overall size is good, it’s not too big and bulky nor too small to fit in your fist. The speaker box contains a hard cover case to protect your speakers from scratching or damaging while travelling. It also has a USB cable with a charger plug to charge your speaker.



  • Rubberized Cushion
  • Battery life indicator
  • Solid metal mesh to make it sturdy
  • All Controls on one side


  • A bit on the heavier side (600 gms)
  • Sides are not flat, which might make it hard to stand the speaker on a soft surface.
Battery Life:

Battery is one of the pain areas for most of the Bluetooth speakers, but the good the part about JBL Flip 2 is that atleast you know when the battery is going to die and how much battery is left with the 5 led battery life indicators. Though JBL claims battery life to be 5 hours but honestly speaking battery life all depends upon the volume at which play. In a test with 50% volume, the battery lasted for 3.15 hrs only, which in my opinion is one area that JBL should have improved.

Sound Quality:

When it comes to speakers this is the most important part. This is one loud speaker that can easily fill your room even when you are not playing with 100% volume. It’s pretty descent for large rooms as well. The low ranges are great, and mid and high ranges are good. There is no distortion of audio at full volume. Even when you take calls from this speaker, the quality is quite good. It has a built in microphones and Sound Clear echo and noise cancellation technologies which make calls through these speakers seamless. In all it has a great sound quality. If you love bass and has reasonable expectation given this is Bluetooth speaker, then you won’t be disappointed at all with this speaker. The bass is great at low and mid range and reasonably good at high range as well.

It is definitely one step ahead when compare to it’s competitors in market. You can read my review of –

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for comparing JBL Flip 2 with Philips BT50 Speakers, which in size are relatively quite small and light weight.



  • Good Sturdy Design
  • Great Sound quality
  • Controls for volume and phone calls
  • Battery life indicator
  • Built in microphone
  • Powerful Bass
  • Easy Connectivity
  • Noise cancellation


  • Poor Battery life
  • Relatively Heavy

Overall, given the price range, this is worth buying only if you need only for using at home or office. For travelling, you might think again, as the battery life is not that great. But otherwise, this is worth every penny you put into it.

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