Samsung Galaxy S8 Review: Price and Features

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Review of Samsung Galaxy S8

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  • Camera
  • Value for Money

We all saw a surprise product from Samsung, which was launched couple of years ago – Samsung Galaxy note edge. It had a different display, which was curved from one side. The product created a buzz in the market for it’s different look. Since then, it has been changing over and over again. And now we have much better evolved product – Samsung Galaxy S8 edge.

Undoubtedly, this Samsung Galaxy S8 looks different and it looks great. Period.

The looks of phone has become the USP of this phone. The design of the phone and the awesome specs makes this phone the best in line from all the flagship phones from Samsung. The hardware of this phone is exactly that you would expect from a premium smartphone.

So, would you call this phone as a complete package? The Ultimate Smartphone? Well, let’s look in the details and find it out in our Samsung Galaxy S8 review:

S8 and S8 Plus Size Comparison

First,let us start with the outer built of the phone. Everything on the outer of the phone is premium and is well built. The curved edges of the screen add to it’s killer looks. The curved edges are smooth and does not curve sharply. This is one step ahead in terms of looks with respect to any other smartphone available in the market today. Yes, it’s a huge statement but that how it is.

With screen sizes of 5.8″ inch and 6.2″ inch of Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus, it doesn’t feel like big phones. Some phones with larger screen size looks like a small tablets in hand. But, the screen size of S8 is just perfect. You can reach out and touch any part of the screen, while holding the phone in one hand.

Finger print Sensor:
S8 FInger Print Sensor

There is finger print sensor in the phone. The front of the phone does not have any buttons but only display screen, so the finger print sensor is located at the back side of the phone. The sensor button is placed along side of the camera. This is one thing where Samsung missed the point.

The sensor of the phone is hard to reach, especially if you are operating phone with one hand. Most convenient and suitable place to keep a finger print sensor on the back of the phone is around the middle of the back side. There you can reach easily with your 1st finger and touch the sensor conveniently.  With finger print sensor just along side of the camera on the top of the phone make it hard to reach. There are chances that you touch the camera glass instead of touching the sensor, which makes the camera glass a bit fuzzy.

Initially, finger print sensor might feel a bit oddly place and you might be irritated by touching not at the right place. But having said that, if you are using the phone for a longer time, you will eventually get used to the finger print sensor.

There is a way to overcome the issue of touching the camera glass instead of finger print sensor. You can buy a case or a skin, which helps you distinguish easily between the camera and the finger print sensor. Here are some of the skins and cases which are recommended to use:

Our Recommendations for Skins and Cases:

Spigen Slim Armor CS Galaxy S8 Plus Case (For U.S users)

Galaxy S8+ Plus Case, Clayco (For U.S users)

Samsung Galaxy S8 Case, Spigen Rugged (F0r India users)

Samsung Galaxy S8 Case, Spigen Liquid Crystal Case (For India users)





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Samsung Galaxy S8



Samsung Galaxy S8




S8 IRIS Scanner

If you are not a fan of finger print sensor, then there are other ways to unlock the phone i.e iris scanner and face unlock. With the iris scanners in other phones, you need to keep the phone in-front of you face at an awkward angle. Well, not anymore with Samsung S8. Either it has wide angle lens or they have improved the iris scanner drastically. You now do not need to keep the phone at an angle to unlock. You can just hold the phone as you hold it for using and it automatically detects and unlocks the phone.

S8 Edge Screen

It is all metal and glass phone and superbly built on outside. Well, it has great specs inside as well. It has an expandable storage through a micro SD card. The phone is ip68 certified, so it is water and dust resistant and also has standard micro USB type-C port for quick charging.

It also supports wireless charging and still keeps the headphone jack. Coming back to the screen of this phone. Well, given all the smartphones in the market, Samsung S8 has the best screen. It has OLED dispay, so it has a great contrast and bright colors. It has high resolution of 2960 x 1440, which makes your media experience memorable.

Due to different screen style, not all apps in the app store, fill the entire screen as of now. May be the apps would update themselves in future to fill the entire screen. Most of the games also needs to be updated, to remove the black bars on both sides of the screen. You will still love the high resolution of the screen.

The swiping of the screens is very smooth. The placement of the apps on the screen is having much cleaner look, specially the setting app. There is no major changes in terms of the how the app looks on the screen. It has that typical Samsung look, with some quirky changes and animation additions.

There is a edge screen on the phone, which gives quick access to notes and smart select many apps. There is a gif maker as well, with which you can select the part of the screen while playing videos and create a quick gif /animation or take a print screen.

Extended Screen shot feature and bixby button:
S8 Bixby

There is one smart feature addition to the phone where you can take an extended screen shot of your phone. So, with this feature, once you have taken a screen shot of the phone, you can scroll down on the screen to capture and extended screen shot.

The biggest addition to the Samsung S8 phone is the Bixby – the virtual assistant that is specifically made for Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus. It is basically like Siri in iPhone or you may say it closer to what a Google assistant does.

Well, Samsung wanted to push Bixby so much that they have created an extra speed button the side of the phone for Bixby. A lot of people would not like to have an additional button or may not even use Bixby. Google has already been doing the same kind of work for them, so people are used to it. The voice feature is not activated for this app, so it’s already 0 -1 with Google app. It shows you some cards just like Google assistant, reads you mails to show you the upcoming events, weather updates, things you may like. So basically, Bixby is Google assistant specifically created for Samsung S8. Not sure, how successful that would be though.

Extended Print Screen

This is a flagship phone from Samsung, so they have literally used all the high end specs available in the market today. It has snapdragon 835, 540 GPU and 4 gigabytes of RAM. Yes, you read that right,4 GB of RAM ! Not all the laptops in the market are equipped with 4 Gb RAM today. So, you know what to expect from this phone, in terms of performance. With 64Gb of internal storage and it is expandable with a micro SD card, it has a lot of space for your pictures and videos. It is the first phone to have Bluetooth 5.0.

So, all in all it has great specs which give the phone it’s high performance


It has 12 megapixel back camera with F/1.7 Aperture, dual pixel, auto focus and optical image stabilization. The front camera is 8 megapixel with Smart auto focus. The face recognition feature in the camera is not a new thing, but helps you take crystal clear selfies, even in the dim light conditions.

It has a better sensor than Samsung Galaxy S7, so the picture quality is a bit better in this phone.No doubt the videos when videos and pictures from this phone looks great. The processing of pictures are of great quality, high resolution with great contrast and distinguish bright colors helps you take picture-perfect shots.

The camera has different modes and features, which allows you to take amazing pictures. In the prod mode you can easily choose out of these 6 settings – Manual focus, Shutter speed, Exposure, ISO, Color tone and White Balance while taking pictures.

S8 Camera

You can also change the focus of the pictures after the shot has been taken. If you want to blur the back ground or want to hide an unwanted photo bomber then you can easily adjust the focus of the picture. This is going to come handy while taking quick selfies or random shots.

All, in all it is one of the best cameras you can carry along in your pocket.


Battery is never enough. Almost every smartphone lacks in one feature and that is the battery life. No doubt the phones are getting slimmer and more powerful but not enough has been done for the battery improvements. Samsung is not an exception. Though, this phone has 3000 mAmp battery, but it is not enough.

But we can’t blame Samsung, as we have seen last year when their phone batteries were literally exploding and it gave them a negative publicity. It was expected from them to play safe this time.

So, the battery is not the best when compared to other smartphones. If you are using the phone heavily throughout the day, then the battery may not last for one complete day. But there is an upside, the battery charges really fast. It just takes an hour to fully charge the battery.

Final Verdict:
S8 Screen Resolution

All in all, this phone is awesome! The distinctive cutting edge design and great specs makes this phone one of the best phones in the market. In this era, when everyone cares about the selfies and  better cameras in the phone, Samsung Galaxy S8 has one powerful camera. Though there are some downside of the phone like the unnecessary Bixby button and the “not so strategically” placed finger unlock sensor, but the looks of the phone and the powerful specs make this phone worth your every penny spent on it.

Pros and Cons in a nutshell:
  • Superb built
  • Killer looks
  • Awesome camera
  • Finger print sensor
  • High resolution screen
  • OLED Display
  • Powerful RAM
  • Large Screen size
  • Quick Charging
  • Useless Bixby button
  • Finger print sensor oddly placed
  • Average battery Life

Let us know in the comment section below, what do you think about Samsung Galaxy S8 vs S7?





Price for 1 minute

Samsung Galaxy S8



Samsung Galaxy S8