Top 10 Best Valentine day gift ideas for Him & Her : 2018

This valentine make someone feel special and surprise them with a lovely gift. Giving and receiving gifts is always fun and makes one feel happy but choosing what to gift to someone is big task. We always find it difficult to chose what we should gift to our boyfriend / girlfriend/ husband /wife or parents for that matter. A standard chocolate box or a rose bouquet always work, but let’s gift something different this time. A personalized gift always do wonders or gift that he/she always wished for or something that they always wanted to have and dreamt of , will surely bring a big smile on their face.

Well, to be honest, gift is something personal and it is always that comes from your heart. We can’t read your heart but we can surely give you some amazing choices. Let’s see some of the options that would not only make a gift special one but also will be useful.

Top 5 gift ideas for HIM:

1) Electric Shaver

Yes, you heard it right. Someone of you might think – this is not a gift. Trust me, guys love gadgets and this one is one heck of a cool gadget. Every single guy would love to trim or shave his beard with an electric shaver. It is just so smooth and non-messy and above all it look’s so cool. It looks masculine ! This is one thing that they be will using it for a long time and this will always bring a smile on face.

We have chosen best of the electric shavers for you to choose from.

Just click on the images below to know the details.




2) Wallets

You may have thousand of accessories to wear but wallet is one of those few accessories that guys always carry with them. Pamper them with a new, cool leather wallet this valentine day. Guys carry wallet with them everywhere. From keeping money and cards, guys carry a lot of stuff in their wallets. Make sure you gift him a cool wallet this valentine, which he can flaunt among his friends. There are some big brands names that manufactures some really cool wallets – Puma, Levis, Tommy Hilfiger, woodland. We have chosen some of the best wallets of good brands to make your work easy.

Click on the images below to know the details.



3) Perfumes

We all love to smell great and guys knows that girls like great smelling guys around. This valentine gift him a luxurious aromatic fragrance. Gift him a nice branded, strong masculine fragrant perfume. Perfumes are like a prized possession in a guy’s wardrobe. A strong long lasting cologne, make one feel positive all day long. Who know him better than you, so, chose one according to his taste and surprise him with rose and cologne as a gift this valentine.

We have chosen some of the best colognes for you.

Click on the images below to know the details.


4) Fitness Bands

This 2018 fitness is one of things on the priority list for most of us. Fitness band is another cool gadget that not only monitor your daily steps, but also monitor your heart rate and measure your sleep pattern. It not only is useful but looks cool as well.

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Fitness bands are not that expensive. You can get a basic band for less than Rs 999/- and there are some high end fitness trackers.

We have chose some for you. Click on the images below to know the details.



5)  Watches

One of another few accessories that guys love wear. Your “him” might already have a watch but gift him another cool one. If he has a leather strap watch then give him stainless steel strap watch.  It’s always good to add another watch to his wardrobe. Watches are not that expensive and is used for a long time. There are some great multi functional watches in the market which are really inexpensive and cool at the same time.


We have chosen some cool watches for you. Click on the images below to know the details.

Top 5 gift ideas for HER:

1) Handbags and clutches:

We all know girl love handbags and clutches . They carry a small world with them.  It’s always good to add another one to their collection. Make her happy with good, nice branded handbag. There are variety of them out there and we know it’s not easy to chose one for the gift, but we have made work easy for you. We have handpicked some of the best bags that you can easily buy online and are having great reviews in affordable prices.

Click on the pictures below to know details of these bags.

2) Bouquet

This one always work. Whatever is the occasion is, this gift is always pleasant to have. With many websites offering delivery of bouquet online. Giving her beautiful flowers and cards is just a click away.

Click on the images below to know more details.

3) Watches

Almost every one love to wear watches. It’s one of those cool accessories that is useful at the same time it adds to your personality.

Click on the images below to know details.


4) Eyeliners

This may sound a bit weird to few people but trust me girls love to have high end  eye liners in their make up kit. Girls generally use normal eyeliners and always wish to have those expensive ones which are smudge proof and lasts for 24 hrs. Well, we know you are not aware about eyeliners and what are the best ones in the market. Well, we have made things easy for you, we have handpicked few of the best eyeliners that one wish to have. Check them out below.

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Click on the images below to know the details:

5) Sunglasses

Shades are one of those accessories that is must have today. There are some really cool sunglasses out in the market. Check them out.


Happy Valentine’s day !!


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