Top 7 Best Electric Juicers For All Fruits & Vegetables (India 2018)

Stay fit and healthy with the 7 Best Electric Juicers for home usage in India!

Be it summers or chilly winters, fresh juices are much needed everyday. Coldrinks and packaged juices are available easily in the markets, however, wouldn’t drinking these swills everyday augment health risks? Well, to prevent getting sick due to an excessive intake of these drinks and to enjoy the taste of chillers simultaneously, one can switch to homemade juices.

Extracting the juice from fresh fruits and vegetables, and that too within minutes will not only satiate your cravings, but will also make you hale and hearty.

We have penned down the best electric juicers for you in the list below, so that you can beat the heat in style. Moreover, these juicers are easily available offline as well as online in India.

7 Best Electric Juicers for Home usage in India:

1. Panasonic mj-68m 220-watt centrifugal juicer

Set up in 1955, Panasonic has been serving the customers with high quality appliances till date. The company is praised for its efforts to deliver marvellous consumer products.

Panasonic mj-68m 220-watt centrifugal juicer is one of the bestselling juicers in India. Why you ask? Well, then let’s have a look at its features:

• This juicer is praised for its centrifugal technology which aids in extracting the juice within minutes.

• It comes with an inbuilt circuit breaker for a safer process. Also, there is a safety lock present to lower the risk of damage.

• The steel used in this juicer is stainless steel with razor sharp blades.

• It contains a 600ml plastic storage for storing the juice extracts separately.

What’s our take on it?

The centrifugal technology is much better than the cold press technology, as it extracts the juice within a short span of time. Also, the separate container is like a cherry on top of the cake.

Price ranges from 4,872.00 to 5,889.00.

2. Philips viva collection hr1832/00 juicer

Philips is a renowned company in the world of home appliances manufacturing. Delivering the best products right from its establishment, the company has won the trust of the customers. Philips has launched a range of electric juicers recently and the reviews of each one are amazing.

Philips viva collection hr1832/00 juicer is one of the finest inventions of Philips till now. Apart from the striking black body, this juicer comes up with many favours, like:

• It has a separate container for pulp as well as for the juice extract.

• It works on the QuickClean technology which helps in smooth and easy cleaning.

• The compact design doesn’t requires much shelf space, adding to its portability.

• Both the jug and the housing is made up of good quality plastic.

• It has the capacity to make 1.5 liters of juice at one go! Ideal of 4-5 people.

• The base of the juicer is equipped with non-slip material. So you don’t need to worry about spilling or handling the juicer tight with your hands.

What’s our take on it?

The best part about this juicer is the QuickClean technology which really makes it user friendly. The size and the compact design of the juicer is actually what brings the juicer amongst the top 2 in my list.

Price ranges from 5,239.00 to 5,249.00.

3. Braun multiquick 3 j300 800-watt juicer

Braun is a Germany based company & is well known for its perfect inventions and innovations. The company uses German technology to create products, which are worth the praise. Braun produces a wide array of consumer products including electric appliances, health and wellness products, home appliances and a lot more.

Braun multiquick 3 j300 800-watt juicer is a fine electric juicer, which comes with striking features:

• It has a foam separator.

• The jug capacity id 1.25 liters. Ideal for 3-4 persons.

• It has multiple safety systems and two speed controllers.

• Also, this juicer comes with an anti-splash stainless steel nozzle.

• Powerful 800 watt motor.

• Anti-slip mat at bottom and dishwasher safe for quick cleaning

What’s our take on it?

If the customer reviews on popular e-commerce websites are anything to go by, then the astonishing features and comfortable design of this juicer is surely winning hearts. According to us, the anti-splash stainless steel nozzle is its best feature, which is literally a boon for all the Monica’s (remember Monica? The loud yet adorable OCD friend from F.R.I.E.N.D.S?) out there! People who really hate seeing mess in the kitchen can opt for this juicer. It is a convenient product for every season. The stylish design is something you are surely going to love.

Price ranges from 10,100.00 to 10,999.00.

4. Bajaj jex 16 800-watt juicer

Bajaj has been a leading producer of home appliances and electrical products since a long time. The firm has embarked on a great status with consistent and customer oriented launches. The products, being convenient and affordable, never fail to impress the customers.

Bajaj jex 16 800-watt juicer is not an exception either, for its comes with features that make our everyday tasks a bit easier. Some of the features include:

• It comes with a cosy and easy-to-use design.

• It uses a stainless steel juicing mesh to completely squash a fruit or vegetable.

• The safety system includes dual lock and two speed controls.

• This juicer can be operated by anyone easily.

• It can extract up to 1 litre of juice at a time.

• It also comes with a separate pulp container and an ingredient pusher. The container has the capacity to hold up to three glasses of juice at a time.

What’s our take on it?

This juicer has garnered great reviews by the customers. It is less noisy and can be stored anywhere conveniently. Talking about the blades of this juicer, they are really sharp and effective. It even crushes out the seeds. This electric juicer is also quite easy on the pocket. People who have a daily routine of using a juicer and want an inexpensive alternative can surely purchase it.

Price ranges from 4,549.00 to 4,750.00.

5. Philips viva collection hr1863/20 juicer

Philips viva collection hr1863/20 juicer is one of the recent launches by Philips. It’s no secret now that the products produced by Philips never disappoint the customers. This invention is also gaining popularity with its smashing features and of course, the stylish body.

• This juicer comes with sharp blades that extract every drop of the fruit.

• It is light weighted and easy to store.

• It takes just a few minutes to draw out the juice and therefore, it is highly preferred by the customers.

• 1.2 liter pulp container and 800 ml juice capacity.

• Light weight Aluminium body

What’s our take on it?

This juicer is highly portable. The sleek body is something that makes the people go gaga over it. It’s not just the brand that leads the people to prefer it, but also the comfortable features that it comes laden with. I personally recommend it to all those who prefer a healthy homemade drink.

Price ranges from 7,099.00 to 7,139.00.

6. Sujata Powermatic plus 900 watts juicer

Sujata is a renowned company in the field of juicers. It has been active in this industry for the past 36 years and has built a great reputation for itself, thanks to its innovative and affordable launches. Undoubtedly, the products are reliable and efficient.

Talking about some of the dynamic features the Sujata Powermatic plus 900 watts juicer comes with:

• It is based on the centrifugal technology to extract juices at a rapid rate.

• It comes with a honeycomb filter mesh to squeeze out the ingredient completely, which in turn helps in gaining the maximum amount of juice extract from the fruit.

• Not only it is portable and but also easy to clean.

• It runs on 22000 rpm.

• It also offers you with separate jars for dry as well as wet extracts.

• Comes with an inbuilt shock proof technology and does not require high maintenance.

• Also, the blades used in it are finer and sharper to squash the fruit entirely.

• This electric juicer even claims to deliver the original aroma of the ingredient used.

What’s our take on it?

People who cannot afford expensive electric juicers can pick this one. This product completely fits in the budget of an average Indian. It is not only affordable, but also very effective. It boasts of high features and is easy to use. However, the disadvantage that it holds is its heaviness. Having a wide body and separate apparatuses, it becomes too bulky. Also, the running time to extract juices is approximately 90 minutes, which makes it preferable mostly for longer procedures.

Price ranges from 4,799.00 to 5,979.00.

7. Philips hr1855 viva collection juicer

Philips hr1855 viva collection juicer comes up with a QuickClean technology. Easy to clean and operate, this juicer is praised a lot for its hassle free portability. That’s not all, check out some of its attractive features below:

• The jug of this juicer holds a capacity of 800ml and delivers 2 litres of juice in one process.

• It also has a pulp collector to deliver a mess free process.

• Also, it is based on QuickClean sieve.

• It has a see- through pulp container for checking out the pulp produced.

• It has a speed setting option.

• Moreover, it is very safe to use and operate.

• It also comes with a separate juice container, which can be easily stored anywhere.

• It makes less noise during processing, which is a favour to the user.

All types of fruits and vegetables can be used in this juicer. It is a life saver when you are running on a clock. Also, another advantage it holds is its price, which is quite affordable.

What’s our take on it?

This juicer is like a complete package of fine features. Starting from the price, it does not burn a hole in the pocket of a common man. The juice extracting procedure takes very less time as compared to other electric juicers. People usually worry about the cleaning of such appliances. With this product, they can easily clean it and use it whenever they feel like. The best part about this product is the amount of juice extracted in one go. One can easily draw out a huge amount in a single process. Talking about the body and the design, I really loved it. It appears to be stylish and expensive, when in fact it is reasonable. Black does lend it with a certain charm and elegance.

Price ranges from 6,649.00 to 6,799.00

These was our 7 best electric juicers picks. These all juicers can be used for daily home usage and easily fulfill the requirements of a small family of 3- 6 people at one go. Squeeze in your fruits and vegetables and enjoy the fresh juices everyday.


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